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WERC Round 7: Buttonwillow Raceway October 8, 2011

Karen Salvaggio

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The Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC) travels to Buttonwillow Raceway Park for the next round of endurance racing. This 3 hour enduro will be the last of the regular points races of the season, with the final WERC event slated as a 6 Hour, double points race, to be held simultaneously with the 25 Hours of Thunderhill. The 2011 season has witnessed more than 75 individual endurance teams, 100+ drivers, and hundreds of crewmembers, family and friends experience the challenge and excitement of endurance racing.


Important Racer Note:

The 3 Hour Enduro is slated to begin at 6:15 PM...Lights will be required by the finish of the race.


Class Markings

2011 Club Codes & Regulations

Section 18.1 Vehicle Appearance; Section 18.1.1: Car Numbers and Class Designation

The vehicle must display its assigned car number and class designation on both sides, front and rear of the car.

.................The front and rear numbers and class designations must be at least three (3) inches tall. Car numbers and class designations must be legible and readable at speed.


October 8, 2011 Buttonwillow Event Sign-Up Page:http://www.nasaproracing.com/event/1285


Endurance Supersize Option Available:

Sprint racers have the option to supersize their entry and compete in both enduros (that's 3 hours of track time!!) for just $179!


2011 WERC Current Points Standings



See you at the track!!!



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Great race at Buttonwillow, difficult conditions at night, with no corner markers and the dust clouds.

My thanks to NASA and everybody involved.


Everybody talks about it, nobody does anything about it.


I would love to see reflective markers at Thunderhill for the 25 this year.


like Temporary Overlay Markers






These reflectors cost $300-500 per 1,000.


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Congratulations and big thanks to all of the teams that competed at Buttonwillow last weekend. The on-track performance of the WERC drivers was amazing, and the pit support for each of the teams was simply flawless. The combined talent of these individuals resulted in virtually NO pit penalties and zero on-track incidents in a 3 hour day/night enduro: A true testimony of skillfull driving and outstanding work in the pits. The conditions were amazingly tough on track, and agree anything which improves visablity at Buttonwillow would be a welcome addition. Thanks for the link.


Andy Salvaggio Memorial (3 Hour) Enduro Results:



WERC Season Points:



Next up is the 6-Hour event to be held in conjunction with the 25 Hours on December 3-4. The battles are very close across the classes, and the 6 Hour is setting up to be one of the best season finishes in the history of the WERC.


On behalf of the entire Salvaggio family, and Team Thunder Valley Racing, I want to send along my deepest appreciation to the NASA family for your kindness and generosity in our time of loss. We may compete with great passion on track, but we also share a common bond of friendship with one another that extends far beyond pit lane......Andy was a racer's racer, competing on storied tracks like Riverside, Ontario, Sears Point, Las Vegas, Pikes Peak and many more in his forty year racing career...The friendships we shared and the memories we made within the NASA racing community will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you.



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