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Question about series


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This is my first post on the board. I just found out about this format at RA this past weekend. I would like to get some clarification on a couple of points.


First of all what class would my car fall into? It's '04 Z06 regular non commemorative edition. I run Toyo RA-1's on stock rims, Cobalt VR pads, and ATE blue. No other mods. It seems that it would be classed as a TTA car with +6 points (+5 for tires, +1 for brake pads). Is this correct? Can I add brake ducts penalty free or is there a points cost to that? Also are all DOT tires the same +5? Can I run Hoosiers instead since they're faster than RA1's?


Next, what do I need to do to participate? I'm not currently a NASA member nor do I have any professional racing license. I would not be interested in running my car wheel to wheel (can't afford to get it banged up) but I'd be very interested in the Timed Trial events since I think my car is competitive (2:35's at RA).


I would really like to go to Gingerman event in July to try this out. How do I find out cost and go about registration? Thanks for clarification!

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Hi "Mafia",


Welcome to TT.


First, you are correct your car is TTA base classed with +6 pts for your current modifications. There are no points for brake ducts, so feel free to add as much cooling as you wish.


All DOT R-compounds are +5 pts. If you choose a Hoosier tire that is non-DOT, they you would be assessed +8 instead of +5.


You will need to join NASA to run events, but since you do not have a racing license we would want to evaluate your current skill level with one of our instructors before jumping into TT. This is for your safety as well as that of our other TT and HPDE4 drivers. TT utilizes open passing and is a step above regular driving schools.


You can join NASA and register for events through the main site, http://www.nasaproracing.com.

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Thanks for clarifying the tire rules. So even with Hoosiers I'll still be in TTA although just barely (+9pts mods +5pts Z06 penalty).


I understand that someone should evaluate me. I'd feel much better knowing that I'm running with people to be trusted, so this makes all the sense in the world.


Looking forward to future events! So what is the best way to register for me? Should I sign up for HPDE3 and work my way up? Or HPDE1 and work my way up? Or TTA? Also can I use my own AMB transponder or do I have to rent one? Lastly is there any difference from insurance point of view between HPDE 3/4 and TTA, since from what I understand the HPDE 3/4 times are admissible to Time Trials.


Thanks for the help.



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Hoosiers are DOT radials that meet DOT requirements. I know is SoCal Hoosier tire ARE DOT-approved R-Compound tires which is only 5 Points.

Of course I guess it matters what type of Hoosiers we're talking about.

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If you send me some information about your experience level, I can work with you to help place you in the right group.


If you have your own transponder, use that. Renting one is possible but cheaper for you in the long run if you own one.


You should check with your own insurance, but in general they do not cover you if you are timed. HPDE 3 and 4 are not timed, but TT is. If a HPDE 4 car has a transponder, it is timed with the TT group but times do not apply for anything. It would be an issue for most insurance companies.


My email address is j-petroski (at) lycos (dot) com

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