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FYI...making sure spec944's are compliant


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Hi Guys,

Just a note regarding the recent "questions of compliance" of one of my friends--- a 944-Spec racer by a concerned Spec-944 racer at the SCCA PIR event recently.


The SCCA recently impounded a 944-Spec racers car BEFORE the first race LOL LOL LOL .........keeping our buddies car under SCCA officials supervision the entire weekend! Only allowing him to check oil, tire pressures and change tires under their supervision. Keeping the car locked in the trailer!!!

They the SCCA officials checked the following at Stuttgard Southwest:


Transmission/gear ratio's


bore and stroke




The camshaft was sent out and ran on a cam doctor as I understand.....


The results:

Trans= stock OEM ratio's


pistons=OEM low compression

head= stock with 2 burned valves and a couple of bad springs and still room for a couple of millings.......

camshaft=stock with 2 worn lobes, couple of bad springs and two worn out lifters............


I guess the tight racing that NASA's 944-Spec racing that I used to enjoy with Glenn, Joe and others produces "driver ability not dollar ability" along with the fact that as a group(NASA_AZ) we all seem to help each other get faster--STILL DO--- helping each other improve to improve competition...


I commend Doug Nelson for actually protesting Glenn rather than the constant unproven innuendo that seems to pervade most of these forums on the web from time to time.


There was a excellent article a few months ago by Randy Pobst in SCCA Sports Car on time speed relativity that should be manditory. I made copies and will bring some to the next event at FIR this weekend along with the next SCCA event.


Paul Bloomberg

AZ 2003 944-Spec Champ

AZ 2004 H1 Champ

AZ HC Series Leader

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Paul and others,


Well that is just how SCCA is, it is also what has made SCCA such a national force. Although I do not agree with the fact that it occurs and does hold me back from running SCCA events. I can tell you I would have a heart attack of frustration if someone impounded my car for the weekend aside from having to walk home sence I have no trailer.


Kudos to Glen who is always a class act, and probably just laughed it off, thinking it was funny. It just goes to show how good we all really have it here. Even though we trade barbs now and then, the love for the motorsports and our cars is what is important. I also commend Doug Nelson for handling his concerns about Gormley's car in the proper fashion of an official protest.


We should rember these facts when racing here with any NASA org. about how they balance good safe practices and promote good competition amoung all drivers from all orgs. We really are the Unitied Nations of racing arnt we?


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This was the second time that the leaders of the Spec-944 Group questioned Glenn's car. They also did it at the St. Johns Grand Prix. ProAutoSports allowed Glenn to run the event on the basis that if his car was found out of compliance, he would forfeit the points, purse payment and trophy.

Once back in the valley, the car was taken to Don Jackson's shop and checked by ProAutoSports officials for the same items and found legal. So, this was the second time the same people protested Glenn's car with the same result.

As a result of the finding of Glenn's car legal for ProAutoSports, the Spec-944 group leadership stated on their website that ProAutoSports did not know what they were doing and advised all members of their group to no longer go to ProAutoSports events.

We salute SCCA and NASA for their professional approach to this problem. We salute Glenn Gormley (and Phil Mullen) for standing tall on this problem.

We suggest that more care be taken by the Spec-944 leadership on compliance issues.

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Just to add bit more perspective.


Glenn Gormely Started in 944-spec back in the Fall pf 2002. At that time he was slow, very slow. Over the next few months in early 2003 he improved. By the end of 2003 he was right at the edge of the top 3.


In 2004 he continued to gain speed and did an estimed 50 or so track days (maybe more) driving sometimes two car per event. By mid summer 2004 (St Johns race mentioned above) he was one of fastest 944-spec drivers around. By the fall of 2004 he was setting track records in that same spec car and Glenn and I ran for 30 min at PIR in some hardfought racing at track a record pace. At the start of 2005 he is noted as one of the "fast" 944-spec guys now.


All this was achieved without messing around with his car be it engine wise or by weight. His car is overweight by 50 to 150 lbs (I can't figure how much). He also parkes his car in his trailer to see it once again at the next track day with minimal prep between races.


Bottomline is that it is SEAT time and always pushing that has made him fast. Some folks have not though it possbile. Now after clearing two teardowns 100% legal I hope all of you take away an important lesson.


It is the driver the makes the difference, Not car prep and just because someone is faster than you it does NOT mean they are cheating.



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Very, very well said Joe and codo's to Glen!! He's too nice a guy to cheat anyway and to emphasize what Joe said it's driver ability not car ability so when you get spanked by someone don't just think it's the car. The "other" driver probably is just "THAT" much better than you.

Ego's are a hard thing to deal with!!

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Excellent, excellent news. The integrity of the class is intact. We're serious about compliance and our drivers comply.

If it were me, I would carefully watch the driver in question as he/she is driving. Can't you see when a car is being driven well and when it's not? Glen just drives well.

If he were making big mistakes and still winning, that would raise an eyebrow. But you can see he's driving well.

Dwain got Joe, Dylan and myself by 2 seconds at Fontana. I could see he was killing me under braking. No reason to suspect he was cheating!

I'm really glad it was brought up and settled with good results.


944-spec is a kick-ass class, ain't it!?

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Tim was that before or after you scrutinized Dwains car? Like I said driver ability not car ability!! That's probably why I'll be a mid packer!!

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As a member of the Spec 944 Group, I would like to set the record straight. In response to lpond2's comments, I was never told by anyone in our group not to drive with PAS. Actually, quite the opposite. As a new driver they reccomended PAS because of the amount of track time you get. Unfortunately, those comments just adds more gas to the already burning bridge. We all need to work together to make an unified 944 race group.




Mike Wampler


#48 Spec 944

1997 993 Targe

2002 Ford Explorer Gas Hog

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Amen, Brother Mike!

Say it again with me now!

I've been preaching togetherness among the various 944 groups for a long time.......

It's what's best for us all.

Thanks for posting that Mike.

You made my day.

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