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Decision on 255s... single out one tire? Why?


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Does anyone else even make a 255 DOT tire?


I see that Pirelli does. It has a totally abnormal 10.0" tread width.


Can we just ban 255s?

Yes, Hoosier does, and it is within the usual limits expected of a 255!

Some of you guys need to get out of the snow, rent a car in Florida, and get back on track

You obviously have too much time on your hands.

The bottom line is that the actual tire dimensions are completely outside of the norm of what a 255 should be (when compared to other Hoosiers as well as other brands). You guys that are arguing about principle in other threads can't seem to see the irony that as long as the benefit goes in your direction, that this issue is not one of principle. And no, I'm not talking to the driver who also mentioned principle but is not and has not been using these tires. While the keyboards of mostly Corvette drivers, but also the Mustangs and BMW's that were about to jump on the "cheater" tire bandwagon are speaking loudly here, those that don't feel like taking your continued and persistent Internet abuse remain silent here, but are thankful for this ruling, and outnumber you guys by a long shot. So, while this has been "oh, so much fun", hopefully you have had enough time to vent and get back to making plans for this season. 20 pages of this is enough, and this thread is closed.

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