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HPDE tech inspection day of event


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I'm traveling for work and can't get my tech inspection done. I read that you get it done at the track if you arrive by 7 AM. I read somewhere else you have to make an appointment still but is this only for racing or also for HPDE. Do I need to make an appointment for inspection at track on day of event?



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You need to do or have done a pre-tech inspection form filled out before the tech inspection is done at the track. You can download the form from this site. If you feel comfortable that you have the knowledge to do you own ispection you can.

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I think this one varies by region. In SoCal cars can get teched at the track gratis. I heard that at the Reno event (and possibly others), NorCal charged $10 per inspection, and finding the tech folks was not easy, as everyone apparently had their car pre-teched. You may want to shoot an email to someone with NASA in the region that you are going to run with just to be sure.



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