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PTE/E3 Winning Enduro car for sale - SoCal


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This car is our SRC Team Car. I spared no expense with safety

equipment or upgrades. It is completely set up for endurance racing (Night as well) or you can run PTE format. We are going to be building a new car and

moving up in class, so its time to hand this great car off to a new

owner (s). You can see the info on the build from a SM car to PTE at SM to NASA PTE/E3


If your looking to start endurace racing with a proven winning setup, this car a a great buy and Its turn key!


We have spares that will go with the cars as well from motor, head,

intake, alter, rear end, hoses, etc you get it all!

•Megasquirt Onboard Computer


•Custom Light Bar with quick connect/disconnect setup


•(4) 4" HID Lights


•Blue Printed Injectors


•Custom Race Head - matched and ported


•Raceland Pro Race Headers


•Custom Race intake


•Dyno Tuned


•ATC Race Clutch


•MazdaSpeed 10.5lbs Flywheel


•Springfield Dyno Custom Race Exhaust


•2 row Aluminum Racing radiator


•New Calipers front and rear


•Hawk Race Pads


•Steel Braided brake lines


•MazdaSpeed 15" race wheels


•Toyo RA1 race tires


•MazdaSpeed Coilover Shocks (revalved)


•1 sets of extra springs


•99 Hats


•New Belts


•MazdaSpeed Sway Bars


•Adjustable End Links


•Fire extinguisher


•New 5 point cam lock harness


•Quick release Pro Steering Wheel kit


•Sampson Racing Radio Complete set-up with Crew Radio


•Kill Switch


•AIM Onboard Mychron3 Gold




•Pro Race Alignment


•Torsen LSD 4.1 gear ratio


•Custom roll cage with 3 door bars and transverse bar low behind the dash


•Fenders rolled but otherwise unmodified


•Wink Mirror


•Racetech Racing Seat (Out of date this yr, so it is mounted to cage)


•Drivers Right Cage net


•NASA and SCCA log books


•Window net with clip quick release on the upper bar

We are selling our 1990 SM which was converted to a PTE/E3 car about 3 years ago. All the information car be found at:

Blog: Sampson Racing Radio Warehouse

Post: For Sale Front Running PTE/E3 1990 Miata. $12,500

Link: http://raceingradiow...1990-miata.html


Car is priced to sell fast. Located in Ventura, CA

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