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Want to become a NASA FL racer? Here's how


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Thanks to everyone who helped move us all along this past weekend. I had an ear to ear grin plastered across my face every time I got behind the wheel. I totally get why this is something anyone could benefit from time to time. I had no idea that certain parts of the track existed before these exercises. Spec Miata made me cry I was having so much fun. (in the back of the pack no less. No disparity intended on those who finished near me. I came from a class where the worst you could ever finish was third or fourth.) I was actually bummed to see the white flag come out. Two thumbs up for the Comp Evaluation Program and Jon Felton. Good stuff.

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Like Derek, I also just finished my Comp Eval. Mine was this past weekend at Sebring. What a blast! You really don't realize how much track is out there until you have to drive on every inch of it! The exercises we did on Sat are definitely something that new racers, and maybe even some of the old racers can benefit from! Two more thumbs up for the Comp Evaluation Program and Jon Felton!

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