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Classing question NON-US motor swap


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I have a 1998 Impreza RS, points for everything BUT motor swap is 27


I start in class F


i swapped in a STOCK JDM sti motor.

the motor is 2.0L

VF37 turbo

runs only 1 cat


now in classing do i start in C with the US spec STI which is a 2.5 or do i start in E with the WRX which is also a 2.0?




say i start in E i also add the 8 points for the motor swap?


the way and friend and i figure it, i should start in E and also add points for "non OEM forced induction" since the VF37 is larger than the WRX TD04

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This is going to be a complicated classification, and will require you to speak directly with your TT or NASA-X Director to make a decision on this. Additional info will be required, like how much hp and torque the engine will be putting out. This is clearly not just a 7 or 8 point motor swap.

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