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Classing D Modified SCCA car?

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I would like to run with NASA at a local event this season but I'm new to the classing method. My car is built to SCCA D Modifed spec and is a hand built Lotus Super Seven Clone (more or less). I am running a 12A rotary engine, Weber downdraft carb and custom header, presilencer and silencer from Racing Beat. The rest is standard RX-7 drive train complete with a live axle with factory LSD. I am also running Hoosier 25B slicks on 13" x10" rear and 13"x8" front wheels. It has GCR (road race spec) compliant roll hoops front and rear. Nothing is "factory" on this car and is built as a special purpose autocross/hill-climb competition car. I should weigh in just above minimum for a Caterham NXR class at #1150 lbs with driver


Looking at the 2012 classing rules, I'm guessing the closest thing is a Caterham in NXR class. When I add the points for the "extras", I'm adding about 54 points to that! I assume I can only compete in "EXPO" class? Do I need to get permission from a NASA Regional Director to run my car?



Mark M.

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