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Questions about classification and forms

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I'm new, got a few questions... so please bear with me. I did some searching, and really couldn't find concrete answers.


I'm using this for my classification:




How does upclassing work? NXE upclassed equals NXD or NXE upclassed equals NXF


Does this classification coincide with this form:



At the top of the form, it says (NXR-NXH)... so does that mean NXE, NXD and so on don't use this form?

The first pdf with all the classifications has one less tire option than on the form... so is the classification out of date?

If there are more differences between the form and the classification pdf, should I refer to the form first?

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Ok, figured the direction out.... if NXF was upclassed one it would go to NXE.



Now, I'm thinking this form is just for the specified class range... NXR-NXH. This would make the the classes NXG - NXA to not have to apply to the rules on the form, but to just those listed in the classification.

This would mean that a NXG class could run the BFG R1 tires and only accrue 10 points, while a NXH could run the same tires and would accrue 13 points.


Is there a form specific to the NXG-NXA? Any clarification would greatly be appreciated.

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