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Sooo... Would the RZR XP or Arctic Cat fit into a Class?

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Hey guys,


I am still trying to get into something that my family would enjoy with me.


I raced a Yamaha Rhino in the GNCC's UTV class a few times...but they have sadly done away with the lites class.


SO, was pondering on buying the new RZR XP...or maybe even the new Arctic Cat.


I would love to have more than the 6 races the GNCC puts on tho... Challenge is, I live in NC.


I could see me hitting the SC, WV, and Tn events if one of these machines would fit into a class you already have.


Specs are pretty much: 80-something horse, Auto, AWD, 15 to 18" of suspension travel...top speeds in the 60s... (some say

low 70s, but I highly doubt that.


Any Info is appreciated.

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