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Best Rally school in te USA?


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Hi. I want to have a Racing license so I could race Asphalt Rally. Which is the best school in the US to get the license? What about Europe?

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We raced and finished 2 WRC with no prior experience or special training.

All we did was watch videos like this one and try it



Here is one for Tarmac


Good Luck.

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I have this on my "to-do" list:





Worth every penny. I did the one day class back in Jan '11 when they were first opening. The guys are ALL top notch instructors. They've modified the program a bit to allow for use of the real rally cars (group N?) for many of the students. I was a little bummed out that when I was behind the wheel, there was many a time I would've dumped the clutch mid-drift to maintain the slide and momentum of the vehicle - but didn't because no one told me I could. Then when Adam got behind the wheel at the end of the day, he was popping that clutch like a pock-marked teenage boy. times ten. Other than that, DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. You will not regret it.


That said, a local rally guy by the name of Scott Kovalik just signed on with a multi-racing style instruction school in Florida. Scott was racing in the Rally America series with a Lancer Evolution. http://www.facebook.com/MotorsportHeaven

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