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Questions about floor and wheel wells


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The car I'm building has some rust in the floor and in the wheel wells. The inner lips of the wheel well (think above the bumpstops) is pretty much gone.


I don't want to repair the floor then not be allowed to run AI because of these issues. I'm not trying to fit a bigger tire under it or move the floorpan for routing of anything, it'll just be to get a solid floor in it again.


So, the questions are:


1) Can I rivet sheetmetal into the existing floor to cover the holes or should it be welded? Two are large, and two could be covered by a 2" x 2" piece


2) Will I have to replace the portion of the inner wheel well structure?


Even with the rust, this '90 Formula is still tighter then my '91 GTA that seemed to have less rust. This one groans and creaks a lot less when it's jacked and just feels tighter driving around. I don't think anything structural has been compromised, but I'd like to know where I stand with the rules before I go any crazier.

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You will need to plug the holes and repair anything that is coming apart just from a safety perspective. I can't really rule on this without seeing some pictures so please send some along and I can be more helpful. You send them to jlindsey-at-drivenasa-dot-com.


Thanks and sorry for the delay.



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Sorry I haven't e-mailed any pics. I've been busy on other parts of the car and haven't had time to take any.


I'm still planning on getting these though.


-TJ Bain

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