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Greg G.

TECHNICAL BULLETIN--Frame and Inner Fender Well Mods-4-24-12

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Greg G.

Technical Bulletin 4-24-12:


All Vehicles—Frame Modifications and Inner Fender Well Modifications


Replace section 6.3.2 with this:

6.3.2) Any tube-frame, never street legal, monocoque purpose-built racecar, vehicle not approved by the DOT, TUV or Japanese government for street use, or production vehicle that does not retain the OEM frame rails* and/or unibody*, strut towers, floor pan, inner /inboard side of the fender wells**, transmission tunnel, rocker panels, windshield frame location, and sub-frame, or is converted (partially or wholly) to a tube-frame design, that is not otherwise classed below or in Section 6.2.7 or 6.3.1, will default to the TTR class until evaluated by the National TT Director for possible homologation into another class. Individual cars may be approved for classing or re-classing by the National TT Director using the vehicle’s actual dynamometer measured maximum chassis horsepower and torque, and the minimum competition weight of the vehicle (with driver).


* a) Frame rails and unibodies may have maximum diameter 0.75 (3/4) inch holes drilled into them for purposes other than lightening, such as for the attachment of ancillary parts. Cutting and channeling is not permitted. b) Frame rails may have maximum diameter 1.25 (1-1/4) inch holes drilled solely for the purpose of the placement of jacking lugs/plates.

** The inner/inboard side of the fender well may have holes cut specifically for the purpose of the passage of brake ducts, external shock reservoirs, and brake lines/ABS wires. Plastic fender liners may be modified and/or removed.


Any vehicle that has been re-classed by the National TT Director and has had a change to either

its base class or its base weight in this table since the re-classification was approved, MUST be

re-submitted for re-classification.


All Official re-classifications sent by the National TT Director prior to January 3, 2011 must be

re-submitted so the re-classification can be verified, and an updated Official Re-Classification

e-mail can be sent.

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