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question about autobahn ...


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hi Im new here ..I live near the autobahn vcountry club in joilet IL

I see on their calander that nasa is having a couple events there.

I have a 02 svt focus (far from stock)

what would I need to do to take part in 1 of these events?

how much would it cost?

what would the tech inspection consist of?

and how much track time would I get



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Go to the Ohio/Indiana region website @ http://www.racenasa.com. Click on the information page for the Autobahn event. This will have most of answers you are looking for. Look over the website and if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

To register you first will have to join NASA @ http://www.nasaproracing.com/. Then you will be able to register for any NASA events.

Tech is fairly simply process, fill out the Tech form and bring to the event tech/registration check in. An official will look over the Focus to be sure that the car is safe to drive on the track at speed.

Look over the websites and sign up! It is a great way to spend a weekend!

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If im asking what race prepped its probably not

Its mainly a street car but has some real nice aftermarket suspension on it I just wanna do a track day with it...Oh yeah it also runs high 13s in the 1/4 mile so it would be a blast on the road course

I had planned on doing svtoa 's track day last weekend but my head work wasnt finished

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