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King Tut

NOLA Motorsports Park 1.8 Mile Config Video Thread

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Reggie Simmons

Darren, I liked watching those videos! All 3 of my cameras were malfunctioning by the time of the Feature race on Sunday May 6th, so I could enjoy glimpses of the Spec Miata race through John Crosby's lense-each time he lapped us! LOL


I started in Last place in SM class, but after a few laps John caught up with us in turns 14-16, videoing the footage of 3 of us SMs running nose to tail just as I was able to pass the car ahead of me, and began to pass the next SM ahead of me (which I eventually passed), and a bunch of seconds later, as he passed the SM leader, he captured Jeff running out front. If I remember the sequence correctly, the next time he passed me i was still in 2nd place, but closer to Jeff, and the 3rd time he passed us I was in the lead, with Jeff close on my heels. What it did NOT show, however, was my later "lapse of concentration" at turn 1, running off course and allowing Jeff to regain the lead and hold on to it to the checkered flag, a little more than a second ahead of me.


That was some fun racing, as all 4 of us raced one another at one point on the track, and we took turns passing one another, the lead changing hands and everyone enjoying the race. Great competition makes great fun, even though there's only one First Place finisher! Hey, Jeff, wait till next time!

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Here's a couple from the July event. I liked running that configuration.


My best lap-



Fun with Kevin Waterman in the FR500S-


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