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making a 318 a 325


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I'm hoping to be building a spec 3 car but I see in the rules it say the vin has to match the actual car setup. I have a 1993 318is (clean) and a 1993 325is (good motor and everything but has rust) I have gutted the 318 and after it is caged put everything from the 325 into the 318 chassis to make a spec 3 car. Will this be ok? And is relocating the fuse box and removing unused wireing ok. That's all I can think of for now.

Thanks for any help.

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Unfortunately, I don't think so. The chassis has to have had a 2.5l engine in it from the factory as based on the VIN Cars must have the original engine displacement as corresponding

with the VIN number of the vehicle, (e.g. If the original designation of

the car according to the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) was to

have a 2.5 liter engine it must be a 2.5 liter engine available in U.S.

during those model years).


EDIT: I see the discussion over on Bimmerforums and my interpretation of that rule is a little different. If he say's you're good to go..then thumbs up.

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Yes was worried about that. Is there any other classes off the top of yalls head that this will work in and still be a cheaper class.

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I posted in the thread on BF.C, but I'll post ehre as well.


Are there chassis differences that make the 318 a no-go?

OP is tring to swap a drivetrain from a rusty 325 into the clean 318 chassis.


We are already putting the M3 suspension, x-brace, and reinforcements in ... so... is there an issue?


Min weight is min weight.

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I am out of the country currently. When I return and get to my rules files I will post more.


To the best of my rum-laced memory, the rules were altered about 18 months ago to address chasis swaps. It is the intent of the rules and this series to allow OBD-1 E36 NON-M cars to be eligible for the series. It is the responsibility of the DRIVER of the car to ensure the vehicle is 100% rules compliant.


To address your other question, you may NOT move the fuse box. Unless an action is specifically allowed or addressed in the rules, then it is required that the vehicle remain stock.

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Has this issue been resolved.  I have been working on a 93 319is M42 for the past year.   Suspension replacement, front subframe reinforcement, and stripped interior.  The engine needs a new timing belt $2000 estimate to repair.  Body is good with 5 speed trans that would swap with a M50 engine.   I am moving this summer and need to know if bringing this 318 is worth the hassle or just removing the transferrable parts that fit the specs and starting over.    Only transferrable parts are good fenders, doors, Revshift bushings, and BW sunroof delete panel. 


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