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What tires r u using?


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Whats everyone using for tires primairly for the track... also are you doing autocross, road racing, both? Also what wheels are you using?




Im going to be buying a set of wheels/tires for the track to save money and so i dont get a flat 1/4 before i get to the track <_<



Im not looking for anything expensive. Just all around good; cheap, good miles, go performance... what everyone would want out of a tire. What do you all recommend? I just want some idea to look into stuff. I still cant even decide what size im gonna go. I know i want 225 though. but not sure if i want 45or50. I drive a 2700# sedan btw

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For wheels, it's whatever you can afford/find that is suitable. I have 18" wheels that I use on the street and I use my stock 17" wheels for the track.


Last few years I've used Kumho Victoracer R compound tires and I like them. I think they're reasonably priced, excellent performance, durable (my car weighs 3500lbs with over 400rwhp). Now that Kumho got over initial problems with the V710, I've heard good reports about the V710 and I'll probably try those next time. They are stickier than the Victoracer but less useable in moderate wetness since they have almost no tread grooves unlike the Victoracers which have some and work pretty well in the wet if they're not totally worn or shaved. I think traction from Hoosiers exceeds both of these, but they are somewhat less durable and cost more.

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I race with USTCC. Last year Toyo RA1 was the spec tire which is what I've been using since my HPDE days. This year we switched sponsors to Hankook and the Ventus Z112. I like the Hankooks. They are very similar to the Toyo's... sticky tire with a stiff sidwall... very predictable. We have Speedmaster Final Speed wheels size is 17x8". The fit is tight, but it works well on the road course... the car handles great... only slight tire rub on extreme braking conditions while turning. (BTW... the car is a '97 ITR)

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TOYO RA-1's are very nice track tires. Resonbly priced and long lasting.


225/50 R15 is the size we 944 spec cars use as well as some h4 cars.


Chapman BMW sells these tires and should have plenty of 225/50 R15's on hand. They are also the ones with Toyo truck out at the track most events.

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