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I may be wrong but I thought I paid $400 for Nats last year and now it is $600? is that right?


Last year it was $499.00 for early registration. Up to $599.00 this year until May 31st, then goes up from there. They raised garages and other stuff too.




-Scott B.

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Shocked....$999 entry for a National Championship! Many of my roundy round friends are amazed that I am willing to pay $350+ an event to race my car while most of them are paying the standard gate fee of $30-50 plus many may take serious $$$ home. I cannot bear to mention what it will cost me to "run for a championship"! I have not been since 08, but $450 sounds about correct. Today I dropped $602 to prequalify the financial end. I dunno... I just looked over my shoulder to the 07 "Championship" (3rd) trophy... still hidden, cuz I am embarrassed of it. Anyone know what it costs SCCA members that qualify for the Runoffs? Sorry National.... this is a bit over the top. I hope Mid-Ohio doesn't have a hand in this!!

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