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Fuel cells in SUO?


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What are the specifics on fuel cells in SUO. Are there any specifics? I know that in our region, the cars I know of in SUO do not have them. A T1 vette, and a couple of 355 challenge cars, and an FFR like mine. I don't really want to rely on this as my answer though.


Any thoughts....I have an FFR roadster, not a spec seried roadster though. It does have a full cage and a fire suppression system though.

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I found this in an article on the NASA website...


"Fuel cells, in general, are not required by NASA. If you are going to install a cell, make sure that it is FIA FT-3 legal and has a rubberized bladder. Don't be fooled by inexpensive plastic cells even if it comes in a steel container. These are not as safe as the proper rubberized bladder."\


I'll dig through the CCR some more and see what I come up with.

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As a general rule these days, if your fuel tank is mounted "inside" of the frame rails, most groups allow OEM tanks (s). This is what I run in my World Challenge Vette. In cars with the tank outside of the frame (side or rear), most require you to put a fuel cell inside of the frame rails.



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