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must be a typo on 6/23 enduro, practice and qualifying ?


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letter from Ryan for those of you that didn't get it (I didn't get one for some reason).


Hello Endurance Entrant,


Good news teams, we are looking forward to another great event with 30 cars already entered.


Please take a very close look at the weekend schedule (below). Some Warmup and Qualifying groups allow the Enduro entries that are NOT Supersized. There are only 13 of these teams and only these 13 are allowed to warmup and practice as it lists on the schedule. Your ENDURO class is listed beside the group you can drive. You are not allowed in the Race session.


Supersize Enduro entries get track time in their regular sprint race class. You are not allowed to drive in additional groups. I will be told "I didn't know I was supersized", so if you paid less than $300 for Enduro entry this means you do not get extra practice time. Timing has been instructed to watch for poachers. It is very easy to tell when a PTE car tries to sneak into the big bore group. Be warned, if we catch this practice you will be starting in the back of your sprint race (not enduro). If you want more practice time, signup for HPDE now.


Per the rules in the Enduro supplement, the grid will be based on a random method. In this case we are going to "p-pick" and I will have Merle draw your car numbers out of a hat in random order and create a grid sheet. We will have this ready at the Enduro drivers meeting which is at 4:10pm.


Additionally, all Enduro teams will get 2, or 3 dinner tickets, whatever number of drivers you registered for (supersize is considered 2). Additional tickets are going to be $10.00


Finally, you should have already received another event confirmation email which gives direction for paddock parking. In short, you are not allowed to park on either side of the tower closest to the cold pit wall...... Yes I know, bummer but I have an event to run and 50+ cars will be in grid and impound at any one time. Thank you for your cooperation.



Weekend schedule http://socal.drivenasa.com/SchedBWJuneweb.pdf


I look forward to a fantastic racing weekend!




Regional Director


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