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The new GTS web site is now live!


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Check it out: http://nasagts.com/


A huge thank you needs to go to Chris Streit, who did absolutely all the heavy lifting on this. I really appreciate your hard work in getting us back up with a site that is representative of the great racing we have in GTS.


To everyone else, please help us keep this site updated and growing. If you have photos we can use, stories you want to share, articles you'd feel like writing...then please do!

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Thanks Scott!


We hope to continue expanding the website over time, but hopefully this will serve us well going forward.


A few features:


1. We have a consolidated news feed. You can view a summary of all GTS news from around the country, or select the news from just your region.

2. We have an area for submitting your favorite pictures. We will expand this later. At this time you must be registered to submit a photo. User registration is not on yet untill we get some anti-spam measures in place. Standy by on that.

3. We will also be featuring GTS videos in the Media Section. There are some randomly selected 2012 Nationals videos there now.

4. There is a Racecraft section with some great articles from National Director Scott Good. Read them, absorb them!

5. Rules, Class calculator, and dyno forms available here.


What's coming:


1. Got a great idea for the website, send us your suggestion or post here!

2. We want to create a consolidated National Dyno Repository

3. How about a GTS Fantasy League? (Going to need a few volunteer managers for this!)


Thanks and enjoy!



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Scott and Chris - the new GTS website is sharp; nice work!!! Hopefully, the other regions will gravitate to it as well, to make it complete!



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Yes of course. Basically anyone can register once we get that live. May be a few more weeks before that happens though!


Thanks for the feedback everyone!



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