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Autobahn HPDE

Mystic Terminator

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I am very interested in Autobahn, but not sure if my car will pass tech. I hate to sign up (and pay) for all three days only to find I failed tech. I have sent various emails to Gene Borton starting last Friday and they either get bounced back to me or go unanswered. I also sent an email to Lawrence Mansier; however, it wasn't until late tonight. Also called regional phone number and have been trying to work through Fred Fetzer to contact someone. It is getting very frustrating not getting a single reply or answer. So I am just about to give up since I need to make a comittment for this weekend very soon.


I have a 04 Mustang Cobra Convertible with a Autopower 4-point bolt-in rollbar that meets SCMC and SVTOA approval for thier track events. Looking @ NASA's requirements, the rollbar appears to be too small in dia. since it is 1-3/4" instead of 2". I belive the car had a dry shipping weight from Ford of about 3700# and I am sure I have added a little weight w/ the safety improvements, etc.


Seeing how much classrom time NASA offers for run groups 1 & 2 for the HPDE in the itineary is very attractive to me. I belive I will benefit if I could run.


Previous experience:


09/2004 ~ SCMC HPDE @ Gingerman (2-days)

05/2005 ~ PDE HPDE @ Blackhawk Farms (1-day)

05/2005 ~ SVTOA HPDE @ Autobahn (1-day No. course & 2-days So. Course)

06/2005 _ PDE HPDE @ Autobahn (1-day No. course) ~ This Thursday before NASA event


If someone could get an answer for me whether or not I would be permitted to run with the Autopower DOM 4-poiont bolt-in 1-3/4" rollbar that is approved by SCMC and SVTOA I would appreciate it.

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You’re welcome. Gene, Lawrence and the rest of staff/volunteers are great people to work with. You will definitely enjoy the weekend.

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