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Provisional Car Classifications--updated 5-21-20

Greg G.

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Here are the ST Cars approved and added to the list in Appendix C since the most recent ST 5/6 Rules release 2-11-20 (3.2):

Appendix C—Additional ST6 Eligible Vehicle Models
The following vehicles are approved to compete in ST6 despite either an OEM HP or engine displacement greater than the listed maximum in Section 4. For the vehicles with engine displacement greater than 2449cc, no modifications to increase displacement are permitted. A 10cc variance from the factory displacement listing shall be permitted, but any vehicle inspected with greater than 10cc over the listed displacement below, shall be disqualified. Engines from these vehicles may only be used as a swap donor to ST6 eligible vehicles of the same model of a different year.

Toyota Corolla XRS ('03-'08) (1796cc, 170 hp)



Here are the ST Cars approved and added to the list in Appendix B since the most recent ST Rules release 2-11-20 (14.2):

Appendix B— ST3 & ST4 BTM Aero Modification Factor non-BTM approvals
The following vehicle higher level trim models are approved for the BTM Aero Modification Factor in section 6.3 (note: any rear wing or spoiler or rear diffuser must be removed):




Here are the ST cars approved for "Production" vehicle status since the most recent (ST) Rules release 2-11-20 (v 14.2):



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