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Open Trailer, small and light, $1700 (SOLD)

Scott G.

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I'm selling my 16' open trailer. It's in Savannah, GA.


I bought it in '06 from a Mid-Atl Porsche 944 guy.


2007 Replaced all brake backing plates, hubs/bearings, tires and wiring. Repaint


2010 Replaced tires, wheels and both axles. Repaint. Replaced lighting.


2011 Put rubberized truck bed coating on trailer's runners. Installed supplemental LED lighting.


It's an open deck trailer so you have access to the underside of the car. At 16' it's shorter and lighter than most everyone else's trailers, but it's still plenty big enough for your race car. That makes it easy to tow, easy to maneuver, and easy to store.


Ramps slide up inside of the runners. Some wood supplemental ramps, that store in a compartment at the rear of the trailer, are included.


2 5/8" ball, 3500lb axles. Brakes on both axles. Has breakaway brake system. Spare wheel/tire is included.


Remote air pressure/air temp sensor monitoring system included. This is a big deal because a tire going a bit low on you is how you get flats. If one tire goes, and you will probably not even notice, the other tire gets really stressed and it can go also. Then you've got two flat tires and are in a world of hurt. One wheel sensor is DOA tho. Sensors are available individually.


Has a tire rack that is lockable. Has a big footlocker on the trailer's tongue for storage. Behind the footlocker is storage for 4 fuel jugs that are locked in place with a cable. A heavy vinyl tarp sits just in front of the car to protect it from road grit.


The close-up pic shows some discoloration on the wheels. That's actually sticker residue that I've not cleaned off. In other news, the wheels are so new that they still have some sticker residue on them.


The OReilly signs can easily be taken off. One of the greatest charms of having a small trailer is that it can be parked in a single standard parking space. I park mine at an OReilly Autoparts store, for free. That sort of thing wouldn't work if I had a bigger trailer like everyone else.







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Does the drivers side fender come off, or is it low enough to not hit the door on most cars?


What is the total usable rail length behind the tire rack including the beavertail?


Is any maintenance/part replacement coming up? How does the TPMS work? Some kind of remote receiver? I assume a replacement sensor is easy to find.


I have never had a trailer, so please excuse the noob questions.


Wish you were not so far from Atlanta.




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Re. fender. SpecE30 and Spec944 doors clear it easily. Their doors are as low as anyone else's.


Entire beavertail is useful length but the trick with a trailer is to put the car's center of mass right where you want it. So don't just at the pics and the usable room behind the car, consider also the couple of feet of room in front of the car. I could always move my car farther forward if I wanted to, but that would put the car too far forward and add tongue weight for no reason.


A trailer handles best with a "tongue weight" of ~10% of the trailer's weight. Tongue weight is weight on the hitch. You adjust the location of the load on the trailer thru a little trial and error until the trailer handles best. Some people do it with a scale.


The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is by Orange. You can get replacement sensors on Amazon. The receiver is just a little cell-phone size thing that plugs into your dash 12V acc plug and provides tire pressure and temp.


Re. distance from Atlanta. Big cities are awful. Every mile of separation is one more increment of human kindness and considerate strangers.

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