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unofficial Track record falls again.

Tim Comeau

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One of the things I've learned to do with respect to this class is, simply enough, monitor the Aussie 944-spec series. They started up in 1999 as part of a bigger event. Now they're big enough to BE the event. Anyway, I was looking at their track record history on their website, and every track record has fallen by around 2 full seconds, from when they started up their series.

We, too, are getting our cars to go faster and faster. Better driving is the number one cause for times to fall. The second is suspension equipment choice. The third is suspension settings. Sound correct?

Well, I just drove John Rickard's #77 yellow car at BW and went a full second faster than my current track record............with John's 210 lbs in the car! It was 2:17.093 and I turned a 2:16.17 It was BW config #1 CW.

John has 28mm torsion bars in the rear compared to my 30mm bars. He also has Tarret sway bars, which are tough to compare apples to apples with my 28mm and 22mm Welts. He has 400 lb springs like me and I believe his front Koni's are set full soft (rebound) in the front.

His was a great handling car. My car is set lower than his and the front to rear chassis rake is lower in the rear on his car. Mine is flat.

That last point would make the car better for threshold braking and trail braking.

Something to think about....................

No secrets here.

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Remember Glenn does have 250 lbs fronts and 30 mm t-bars.


He drove Vince V's car with 400 lbs (or so fronts) and 30 mm tbars and found it quite abit different from his own. He was never able to be really fast in Vince's car, but that comes down to comfort level with the car and personal pereference.


I would not be surprised to have glenn not like my car and me not like his as much as our own.

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