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HPDE Willow Springs


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Just wanted to pass on a very large THANK YOU to NASA for the HPDE this weekend at Willow.


I had a great time (er- not great lap times) and I learned an awful lot.


Special thanks to John Matthews who ran an excellent HPDE 1 & 2, and did not laugh too hard at my Volvo Wagon. Hey, it's an R, dammit, and R means racing!


I had to leave early Sunday AM, so I only had one day, but I enjoyed it tremendously and will return again.


Paul M Bowers

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The NASA event was a blast. I had a few friends driving with me in HPDE 3, on Saturday, and we had a lot of fun.


As always, I'd like to thank NASA for throwing such an affordable, and well-organized, event.


One of my friends shot this video clip of my car going through turn four:


One Meg Clip


And if you've got a fast connection, here's a clip of my 'off' in turn eight:


Eight Meg Clip


And here's a two-part in-car video of four Porsches having fun in the last four laps of the last session.


18 Meg Clip


26 Meg Clip

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