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Anyone know anything about the speed sensor and Mychron3?


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I bought a Mychron 3 and am trying to come up with a speed measurement. They want me to stick a magnet somewhere and measure when that comes by but it's hard to find a good place. I noticed in the Haynes manual wiring diagram that there is a speed sensor that has two wires to the ECU, does anyone know anything about what the signal is off that and if I can use it for the Mychron?


How 'bout the tiny circuit board on the back of the speedo? Any usable signal off that?

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Hi Bill,

There is a short and long answer to that question.

Having tried several different approaches to the install in my car I would recommend that you fabricate a single metal tab to rotate with the rear axle and position the magnetic sensor with a bracket to pick up this signal.

If you're willing to lose the use of the factory speedo, then you MAY be able to use the signal from your factory sending unit but you need to know how many pulses it sends per wheel revolution.

If you want help (and the longer story) call Tim Weiner at Mind Over Motorsports. They are the ones who put mine in.

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Best as I can remember, I did just about what Chris did. I fabricated a small "L" bracket that bolted in with one of the CV Bolts for the Magnet and the mounted the sensor toward the front of the car I think off of the Control Arm. I will take a pic of it and send it to you next time I am under the car.....which may be tomorrow!!


PS: The speed channel is imparative as without it, you won't get historical laptimes, trak mapping, etc.. (if your particular Mychron comes with it...)

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I'm vacationing a lot this month.

The next track event may be the PCASD TT at Willow in July if I can deal with the heat.

Then planning on Laguna in August with POC.

The system really is fun to use and does provide useful information. It would be really good for a testing day.

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