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August 5th Test Day at Sears Point/Infineon


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Just a thought here:

Seems like we (somebody here) could present Infineon management with a scheme to would get us a discount on Friday testing before the crossover that would be a good deal for them as well as us.


See if you follow me... For a number of reasons, most racers who are going to test will likely only show up for the afternoon session. Its cheaper to just do the afternoon and you get to use the morning for travel and set-up. I've never been to a Friday test there, but I'd bet the place is a ghost town first thing in the morning after the paramedics and corner-workers arrive... That makes the morning a waste of resources for them and the afternoon a frantic pain in the assfor all as everyone tries to get everything done in the afternoon rush.


What if HC/Crossover people got together for a group discount in the morning session only? The track folks would have an easier time over the course of the day, there's less urgency in the afternoon session, they aren't swamped between 11:30-2:00, they've got us there a whole day to sell us other shit, and they might get lucky and sell some people the afternoon session also (for whatever reason) just because they are already there, set up and in the pits with free time in the afternoon....


Seems like it would be a win/win for everybody. Does anyone know the staff/decision maker at Infineon well enough to try and negotiate such a deal?


thawley -- back to the garage to prep for Buttonwillow this weekend

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Great idea!

I know all of us from the NW would appreciate anything that could be done along these lines.

Will a HC official PLEASE talk to the track and persue this.

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How many people would be interested in this? I assume most of you don't need practice time there, but for those of us who've never been there, we'd like the track time.


This is a good idea, so who should be asking about this? Mike? It would also change our travel plans if we need to be there first thing in the morning. If someone needs a headcount on us coming from the NW, feel free to email or PM me.

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I called track management to try and strike a deal. But the track is in use and NOT available for testing the entire week before the event. So, to there will be no test day on Aug. 5th. Given that, I decided to save my haggling for another day.



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A friend of mine run track event and he also races with NASA. He rented the track and have it open for registration now. This is a good way to get a test day. Make sure you sign up in advance group! Just let him know I refer you!


Below is his email.



Hey junkies,


I hate to see a good date go to waste at Infineon, so I jumped on the

opportunity. I just grabbed Friday, August 5th - 2 weeks away! (yikes!)

and now have it open for registration. Spread the word please so we can

pay the bills!


Info is here: http://www.trackmasters-racing.com




Doug Gale

TrackMasters Racing


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Sears is always expensive to run though. It is pretty typical for Sears and even more for Laguna. The run group is small as they limit entrants.

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