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944 Ghosts??

Ryan F.

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Where are all you guys? We don't have a single entry for what is looking to be a spectacular event at Buttonwillow. Great track, good weather, and tons of things happening. NASA does the most in a weekend so take advantage of the seat time and run the Night Enduro with a friend. No lights???? Run until dark and you will still get almost 2 hours of seat time.


The 944 is one of the most reliable classes we have so we want to see more of you folks. We have had a great time meeting some of the new drivers but where are the guys from the past like Spargo, Dilly, WDing, Benbow, et al? We have great racing, nice tire deal, and we built a special rewards program just for the 944 class. We hope you are all waiting until tonight and we will see 10 entries from you folks.


Best regards,

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Ryan I for one will be missing this weekend as I celebrate the HS Graduation of my first born (maybe a new driver-he owns a 924S .) I know it will be a good time, look's to me like an opportunity for those behind me in points to catch up .


Have fun,

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Unfortunately this a weekend of conflicting schedules.


I'll be at WS with POC for a Racers Clinic.


See you at the next event.



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This would have been my "first" missed weekend that my schedule allowed, had it not been for my "two" top end rebuilds that bit into my other racing plans! Sorry but $6K in 1 month killed my racing budget. I'd have been there a couple weeks ago had it not been for my busted radiator incident. DOH!



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There is a group from Arizona coming out to your event in July. Its looking like about 10 to 15 of us! But we are all recovering from the last May event at PIR!! I still have not even cleaned my car out from the last event!


We look foward to seeing you then!



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Jason, do you need a hose?! How bad did you soil your seat?

I'm really glad to hear some of you Zonies are coming out here! This is the first I'm hearing of this, but it's great news. Bring or buy your cool suits now.


At the March event at Fontana, Ryan/NASA SoCal gave out 2 discounted entry fees and a $25 gift certificate for the pro shop at Buttonwillow. Also, everyone attending got a free can of Ate Super Blue brake fluid from the guys at SSF Imported Auto Parts.

So there are some pretty cool, fun things about racing with NASA. Some of my favorite racing buddies aren't even in our class!! They're on the track at the same time with us and I have grown to respect their driving talents as I watched them racing among us. Some of them, like Phil and Tom, are just funny as hell to go to dinner with.

Most of us are members of multiple clubs and I know it sucks when the race dates conflict, forcing us to choose for that weekend. It happens.

Let's keep building the cars, keep building the class, keep building the comraderie that this new class seems to generate.

Now who needs help with what?


Sean Steele needs to finish his orange car.

Jason W. needs to sell off his extra cars.

Timmy needs to find a job................that pays.

Have fun, be safe.

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