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Funded and looking for a ride for my 10th year 25-hour

dp Racing Dan

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Looking for something to drive at this years 25.


I've competed in EVERY SINGLE 25 hour.


Video of my mad skills here;


2011 - Finished 6th in class (zero incidents, fastest consistent laps (behind team-mate Dave Vodden))

2010 - Finished 3rd OA last year, 2nd in class (E36 M3 in E0)

2008 - Finished 2nd in class, 9th OA in E2 Miata

2007 - 2nd in E2, (1st in 12 hour) 17th overall

2007 cont'd- won the WERC E2 Championship

2006- 2nd in E2

2005- 1st in E3


Kumho sponsored driver from 07-09


Qualified 4th (153.+) OA in 09 in the Porvette, ran as high as 3rd OA before we had a MDNF (7AM Sunday)


Cars driven (at the 25hour) ; (E3) A1 GTI (3 years), (E2) Spec Miata (5 years), (ES) Porvette (1 year), (E0) E36 M3 (2 years)

Other cars raced; Ford GT, AIX Mustang, Porsche Spec 944

driven for 2 teams (during the same 25-hour 3 years)


Currently leading the Spec 944 Championship (Midwest Region & Great Lakes Region)


Can provide plenty of references.


Please conact me @ dpracingdan@ gee mail dot com

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