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Racing at NOLA Sept. 22-23


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Spec Miatas notched it up this weekend!

The group that Adrianne and Kenneth Carpenter brought with them from Texas were really fast and really good drivers. That's a good thing, IMHO, and that of the other local SM drivers I spoke with. The old track record of 1:28.8 (I believe) was beaten by just about all of us, and that's a good thing, too. Holmes ran in the mid 27s and the best I could do was mid-28s. I was fortunate to finish 3rd in the heat race, and Jeff was able to pass the leading red/silver car (Jeu) in the heat race to finish 2nd. The Texans were very courteous to head home early, without running the feature race, though we would have preferred that they had run with us. The long trip home for them was another good incentive for them to leave early, and I certainly understand that.


For the feature, we only had Jeff, Vince and myself, and over the 18 laps completed in our group, all 3 specs were nose-to-tail for most of the race. Jeff ran a great race, was very hard to pass, and was out front for nearly the whole race, till the last few laps when I was finally able to make a final pass at T1 and hold on for the win with Jeff in 2nd. Vince stayed right with us, passed me when I messed up, but then followed my example of Friday's practice, as he ran out of gas 4 laps short of the end. It was great racing with really sharp competition, and we all enjoyed it immensely.


A special thanks goes to Andy Reiss, who helped me chase a problem with setup, getting it better on each We believe I have a slightly bent lower A-arm as the source of all this suspension trouble, so I will get this corrected asap. The speedshop at NOLA is awesome, and Andy is the best to work with. He knows his stuff and is very willing to help! I give them the highest recommendation, as they won't stop until it's as "right" as it can get.


Kelly did her usual amazing job, and the whole crew is very easy to work with on all points. Mitch was always checking in and very much in touch, as usual. This is a great place to race. I must compliment Adrianne Carpenter with a no-nonsense, straight-up insistence on applying and enforcing the rules exactly as they should be applied. It's good to know where you stand and can count on all rules being applied without any favoritism or influences from friendship or other nonsense. Everyone I spoke with was impressed by this even-handed approach.


November should be a LOT cooler, and we look forward to racing the Texans again, and a lot more of them are coming. The guys who were here said "The faster ones are coming in November." Uhhhhhh......I can hardly wait.

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I am making a pallet order of tires for this race.

Does anyone need anything?

Also hear talks of testing the new RR tire a touch before the rule changes.

Any takers?

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