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Round 5: WERC Season Finale October 13 Schedule Change!!!

Karen Salvaggio

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Attention Endurance Racers!!!


I am posting this message received today from Ryan Flaherty, which contains important schedule change information for the October 13 Enduro at Buttonwillow:


Note: Updated WERC Season Points here: http://norcalinfo.nasamail.net/WERC2012/WERC2012.htm


October 8, 2012


Greetings Enduro Teams,


I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to inform you about some very important changes to the Enduro schedule this weekend. I have been hoping for a flood of entries which have never arrived. As of today we only have 13 entries of which 10 are Supersized. Due to the low turnout along with some schedule flexibility when our guest group of BMWCCA cancelled, I am able to fit the Enduro during our DAY schedule. Please notice that we will run 2 hours on Saturday and the final hour on Sunday. This is a very familiar format for some of you that have experienced this split schedule in NorCal from time to time.


Some of you will enjoy this change while I understand that some will prefer the 3 Hour Day/Night format which was originally planned. For those that dislike the change, please accept my apologizes and I will refund your entry without any cancellation fees should you desire that option. Any good athlete needs to be able to perform under changing situations and this is no different. I hope you will accept this change and have a great time racing this weekend.


Please review the schedule here:http://socal.drivenasa.com/SchedBWOct12web.pdf


Enduro Warmup

For those 3 teams that are regular Enduro entries without the Sprint option please join the warmup and qualifying sessions (not the Race) for the class you would register *if* you were sprint racing. You will be permitted to drive in those 2 sessions prior to the Enduro. The rest of the Endurance entries are Supersized so your sprint sessions will serve as your warmup for the Endurance race.


Restart Information

The cars will stop in the hotpit lane in the current position order at the 2hr mark on Saturday (like a red flag). You will not be allowed to work on the cars or add any fuel or other liquids. The race will resume on Sunday morning in a single file restart just as the car left the the track on Saturday. Example: If you can make it 2 hours on fuel you won't be able to fuel before the resumption of the race on Sunday. Thus you will need to make a pit stop either in the first segment or last segment of the race.


More cars is more fun:

Because we have such limited car count I am going to make a special offer to the first 30 sprint racers the chance to pay $100 and join the first 2 hours on Saturday as a "Fun Run" (no points) so you will have some more cars to play with. If you know of any of your friends that want to experience what a NASA enduro is like without the need for lights, at an amazing cost, please encourage them to give it a try. I am hoping we can hook some more Endurance entries for the future.


Thank you for your support,



Regional Director


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