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Lightweight Car Trailer-Texas $1850


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This is an excellent trailer, lightweight designed with a bed length of 15ft. Last summer we greased the axel bearings and tighten up the brake pads which were hardly worn. This trailer has double axel brakes which is not common on a light weight trailer such as this, but appreciated. We also replaced all the lights and added a few extras. All the wiring was replaced with heavy duty SO cable which is heavily insulated and will last much longer than standard trailer wiring. We also added front and rear under lighting to aid in strapping down a car at night.


Ramps slide out from the back and are easy to put in position. Because of the sloped bed and long ramps, cars with low front ends will generally not have an issue. We usually crank the front 5th wheel up to add more angle to the ramps. Goodyear trailer specific tires were replaced last summer and have about 2000 miles on them. Spare is brand new. Basically other than a few paint chips pealing the trailer is perfect and needs no maintenance. Trailer pulls great and straight. Trailer is located in Plano, Texas if you would like to come see it. $1850, call or text Gary at 214-280-6172









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