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New rules added. 8.5.1/8.7.1


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These were just completed and have not made it into the enduro rules. These rules are effective immediately.



8.5. Refueler attire

Refuelers must wear safety equipment equivalent to the driver as per the CCR (i.e. Nomex suit, gloves, shoes, and helmet) during refueling. There is no limit to the number of refuelers provided that each is donning the proper attire. All over-the-wall crewmembers in contact with any fueling device or catch pan will be considered another refueler and subject to proper attire. All refuelers with open faced helmets must wear a balaclava (head sock) while refueling whether they have any facial hair or not.


8.5.1 Exception to the refueler’s helmet requirement: Refuelers may, utilize a Snell SA90, SA95, or SA2000 rated helmet, for refueling providing that it is clearly and permanently marked with the word(s) “FUEL,” in bright orange, in a manner so as to make the helmet easily identifiable from both sides and the back. Tape is NOT considered “permanent” within the scope of these rules. All other helmet rules apply. Standard crew helmets commercially manufactured for auto racing may be used for refueling providing a balaclava is worn and eye protection is used. This is an example of a legal crew helmet: http://www.ogracing.com/g-force-pro-crew-helmet


8.7. During refueling


8.7.1. No work may be performed on the car while it is being fueled. The team may change drivers and/or clean windows and lights while refueling. Removing tape from lights is considered to be cleaning them. Taking tire temperatures, measuring tire pressure, etc is considered to be working on the car. Work performed on the car while refueling at the request of, or ordered by, a NASA official is permitted (such as repairing or replacing a transponder / transponder battery). Note: The intent of this rule is to ensure that the drivers and crews over the wall at the time of refueling remain alert and vigilant for any flash fires resulting from fuel spills. Connection / disconnection, and / or installation of driver aids such as seat inserts, changing batteries or memory card on cameras, radios, GPS, cool suits, helmet blowers, coolers, water tubes, belts, seat adjustment, seatback support adjustment, steering wheel changes / tilt wheel, reset tachometers and other gauge / sensor resets, and adjusting mirrors are allowed, providing that all work takes place in the cockpit of the vehicle.

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