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Looking for ANY 1 CAR team to park under our tent - CO-OP


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Hey All,


Sector Purple Racing is fielding 2 cars this year and bring out our hauler. We initially had plans to also have another team under the tent, but they are not going to make it.


To set up our awning, we need 3 parking spots but only have 2 currently. The trailer with the awning out takes up about 50x30'.


If someone wants to share parking and work from under our awning, which will be backed up to the cold pits, it should be a nice situation. There should be about 50 feet left for your trailer between the awning and first paddock road, to park your trailer, and then across the paddock road we are parking all the other vehicles.


We are a miata team, so it seems a miata would be the best fit.


Looking for a solution ASAP so I can let NASA parking know. We are traditionally parked around the middle break in the wall.



Please EMAIL me as I don't get to watch the forums much.


Kyle Watkins

Sector Purple Racing


EMAIL to 78racer (at) gmail ()dot) com.

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Still looking for someone that will let us extend our big awning over their parking lane....


The long term forcast is flopping from sun to rain, so I really want to put the awning up.




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