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Team 510 looking for a few good drivers


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Team 510 will be there in a Troy Ermish prepped Datsun 510 that will be a strong contender with an ex Pro racing crew and a car that is fast, comfortable and safe.


We need drivers that are experienced, skilled, fun, and willing to run a set pace that the team tells them. You don't have to be Kimi fast, just not a total wanker. You need to be within 5 seconds a lap of me or Troy. If you are a little off the pace, we can coach you up to speed as we have a zillion laps at T hill. Used to run competitively in IT or Spec Miata? - you are just our type! New drivers- nope. Must be a good solid driver to help the team win the class...


The car can go 25 hours no problem, we just did a 24 hour in June in the LeMOns series in a 510 not nearly as nice, on tires like hockey pucks, and besides getting in trouble for anti social driving behavior, led overall the first 3 hours should have won.


We are very picky- no morons that want to show me how fast they are and in the process destroy our car and fun.

No crybabies. NO speedshifting clutch and tranny abusing "king of the late brakers".


Bring a small amount of cash to cover your expenses - and be expected to help the team out. If you crash the car you get to pay for the damage- but hey this isn't a GT3 Porsche! Be willing to show us you have enough $$$ to do this.


email me: [email protected]

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Thanks guys we are all booked up for the 25 hour and the car is almost finished it's extensive prep. No more calls wait until the next awesome offer to drive a 510 - a real car not some panzie ass new fangled...



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