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2013 TT Rules & Car Classification Forms are posted--1-22-13

Greg G.

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The 23013 TT Rules are posted on-line:



The 2013 TT Car Classification Forms are posted on-line.


The 2013 TT (TT1, TT2, TT3) Form is here:



The 2013 TT (TTB-TTF) Form is here:




This is the match-up of TT classes with the corresponding race classes:



TT1 = ST1

TT2 = ST2

TT3 = ST3







STR3 maps to TT2 as a competition class

STR1 maps to TTU (unlimited)


The 2013 Performance Touring Rules are posted on-line:



The 2013 Super Touring Rules are posted here:




For 2013 only, and in regional competition only, drivers competing in TT3 may choose whether they want to compete using the new TT3 (ST3) classing rules or whether they want to use the points system used for TTB-TTF (essentially run the car as driven in 2012 in TTA with a maximum of 39 points above the TTB base class and with a minimum Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio of 8.7:1). Although the base classes for the PTA cars have been removed from the PT Rules, they are in the TT Rules for this year for this purpose. The one exception is that all C5 and C6 Corvettes have been moved to the TT123 classing system.



Have a Great Season!

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  • National Staff
The link to the "23013 TT Rules"

still goes to the doc titled, "March 1, 2012, Version 9.2"

No, it doesn't. Clear the Cache on your browser. Your browser is using its cache and has memorized the file in the link previously, and pulling it from your computer's memory instead of finding the actual posted new file.

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Even after clearing the cache and download history, Chrome browser was still retaining the 2012 version. So, I simply switched over to Internet Explorer which hadn't seen the NASA sites, and was able to download the fresh file. Thanks for the hint Greg.

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