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Jan MSRH - Entry List


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Current As Of: 1/15/2013



Blitz Race Group


00 Super Unlimited Sammy May Houston TX Chevrolet Modified 2000 TLM Racing

16 GTS3 Donald Sweitzer Houston TX BMW M3 2006 US Canvas & Awning Corp

17 STR3 Ken Scheepers Flower Mound TX Mazda Legacy 1991

26 GTS5 Jose Carreras Mission TX porsche 911 1991 Mission Orthopedics

27 Super Touring 1 Rene Molina Jr. Edinburg TX Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2003 Stelkast

28 Super Touring 2 Jerry Khoury Keller TX Chevrolet Corvette 2005

29 Super Touring 2 Sean Farrah Austin TX Nissan 350z 2003 www.SPLParts.com\ www.UPRev.com

46 GTS2 John Schanzenbach Fulshear TX BMW 323i 1999

47 Super Unlimited Eric Purcell Spring TX Radical SR3 2003 EP Compass Consulting

50 GTS3 Charles Vehle Danbury TX BMW M3 2006

51 Super Touring 1 Kevin Mixon Plano TX Chevrolet Corvette 1999 Pfadt Racing\ Hoosier Tire\ Torco Advanced Lubricants

85 GTS3 Robert Rudduck Sachse TX BMW M3 1995

128 GTS3 Michael Greuter Spring TX Porsche 911 C2 2001

172 GTS3 Jay Matus Pearland TX Porsche Boxter 2002 Viking Extreme Motorsports\ TxSpeed.com

311 Super Touring 2 Al Brussich Houston TX Lotus 2-11 2008

393 GTS3 Lajos Minik Houston TX BMW E36 M3 Coupe 1997


Cyclone Race Group


00 Showroom Spec Miata Carter J White Houston TX Mazda Miata 1995 GHM - Hundkoja Racing

03 Spec Miata CJ Cramm (Teen SM) Spring TX mazda miata 1994

04 Spec Miata Brett Gabriel Dallas TX Mazda Miata 1999 Lakeside Foot Care

05 Spec Miata Michael Globe Houston TX Mazda Miata 1990

7 Spec Miata Kenneth Carpenter Magnolia TX Mazda Miata 1990 His Loving Wife

09 Spec Miata Spencer Smith (Teen SM) Fort Worth TX Mazda Miata 1995 Eagle Marine

11 Spec Miata Gale Corley Willis TX Mazda Miata 1993 G.R.E. / Mr. Ed

12 Spec Miata Nathan Stacy (Teen SM) Owasso OK Mazda Miata 1991 TSG Motorsports

13 Spec Miata Hernan Palermo Houston TX MAZDA miata 1999 BELLAIRE EYE CONSULTANTS

16 Showroom Spec Miata Michael Bell Montgomery TX Mazda Miata 1990

18 Spec Miata Nicholas Reger (Teen SM) Houston TX Mazda Miata 1999

19 Spec Miata Timothy Reger (Teen SM) houston TX Mazda Miata 1999

24 Spec Miata Lee Thomas Austin TX Mazda Spec Miata 1999

27 Spec Miata Ken Tubman Houston TX mazda miata 1992

33 Spec Miata Adam Poland (Teen SM) Mount Vernon TX Mazda Miata 1999 Poland Homes

34 Spec Miata Kevin Pyles Richmond TX Mazda Miata 1999 builtinappliancecenter.com

46 Spec Miata Eric Jonasch Houston TX Mazda Spec Miata 1991

47 Spec Miata Deriann Taylor (Teen SM) New Braunfels TX Mazda Miata 1999 Saferacer\Carbotech\Safecraft\H2R & GRE

59 Spec Miata Brian Wisler Grapevine TX Mazda Miata 1999

61 Spec Miata Alec Udell (Teen SM) The Woodlands TX Mazda Miata 1990 Motorsports Development Group

63 Showroom Spec Miata Michael Porter Cypress TX Mazda Miata 1991 Equity Engineering

69 Spec Miata Tai Ngo houston TX Mazda Spec Miatasp 1991

70 Spec Miata Jody Friedmann The Woodlands TX Mazda Miata 1990

81 Spec Miata Jack Murray (Teen SM) Montgomery TX Mazda Miata 1990 Motorsports Developement Group

83 Spec Miata John Babot Austin TX Mazda Miata 1999

90 Spec Miata Trevor McCallion Frisco TX Mazda Miata 1999 Gas Head Motorworks

99 Spec Miata Mike Homes Houston TX Mazda Miata 1999

124 Spec Miata Sarah Montgomery (Teen SM)) lafayette LA Mazda Miata 1995 Brent Mosing


Lightning Race Group


6 PTF Ken Brewer Houston TX Toyota MR2 1994 Roadraceautox.com \ Hoosier\ 811 Call Before You Dig

15V PTD John Vining Azle TX Allison Legacy 1995 Motul/Turbo Lubricants

16 PTE Donald Bell Montgomery TX Mazda Miata 1990

17 STR3 Ken Scheepers Flower Mound TX Mazda Legacy 1991

56 Spec Z Ethan Yager Houston TX Nissan 350Z 2006

64 944 Spec Jason Stanley Harker Heights TX Porsche 944 1983

98 PTF James Wilson Houston TX Mazda 2 B-Spec 2011 TexasRallysport.com\ DustlessAir.com

308 Spec 986 Kristi Schmidt Katy TX Porsche Boxster 1999

956 944 Spec Phil Hanson Weatherford TX Porsche 944 1983 Hanson cutting horses

988 Spec 986 Charles Lacy Aubrey TX Porsche boxster 1998


Thunder Race Group


0 American Iron William Montgomery new braunfels TX ford mustang 1990

2 American Iron Todd Covini Spring TX Ford Mustang GT 1988 Mobil 1

5 CMC Alvaro Fernandez Magnolia TX Chevrolet Camaro 1993

8 American Iron Michael Patterson McKinney TX Chevrolet Camaro 1999 Alamo Autosports / Motul / AST

10 STR1 Kevin Bourque Katy TX Howe ASA 2005 http://www.TheDriversEdge.net

11 CMC Michael Mosty Plano TX Ford Mustang Coupe 1989 Bell Racing

15 CMC Sean Richardson pearland TX Chevrolet Camaro 1992

28 CMC James Proctor Paris TX Chevrolet Camaro - Z28 1993 Tire City - Paris\ Texas

29 American Iron Casey Holdway Cedar Park TX Chevrolet Camaro SS 1997 ToolBreaker Racing

34 CMC Team WWR Bryan TX Ford Mustang 1986 Caffe Capri


55 CMC Team Jordan Georgetown TX Ford Mustang 2002

67 American Iron Marshall Mosty Denton TX Ford Mustang 1989 John Mosty Company

71 American Iron John Linton San Antonio TX Ford Mustang 1988

75 CMC Aaron McSpadden Round Rock TX Ford Mustang GT 2004 Motorsportheaven.com\ Illicit Motorsports\ Machine Head Motors

77 CMC Randy English Spring TX Chevrolet Camaro 2000

82 CMC Daniel Allford Houston TX Chevrolet Camaro 1993 ARC Specialties

85 CMC Wayne Stehle Houston TX Chevrolet Camaro 1998

98 American Iron Mark Lopilato Austin TX ford mustang (BIW) 2005 MAD MOTORSPORTS

117 American Iron Jim Dulaney Euless TX Pontiac Firebird 1999 fulcrumaero.com

121 American Iron Michael Stacy Owasso OK Ford Mustang 2008 TSG Motorsports




0 HPDE1: Sat Tyler Quance Cypress TX BMW 550i 2007

53 HPDE1: Sat Lee Schmidt Katy TX Porsche 997 2008

94 HPDE1: Sat Sun Eric Johnson Flower Mound TX Mazda Miata 1999

98 HPDE1: Sat Sun Randy Roane Houston TX Ford Mustang GT 2013

385 HPDE1: Sat Dan Dernick Houston TX BMW 135i 2009




15 HPDE2: Sat Sun Xavier Anderson Brownsville TX Porsche Gt3 2007

88 HPDE2: Sat Sun Russell Adams Brownsville TX chevrolet Corvette Z06 2003

121 HPDE2: Sat Jim Parrett Friendswood TX Mazda Miata 1995

403 HPDE2: Sat Sun Pamela Fitzgerald Spring TX Porsche Cayman S 2008




1 HPDE3: Sat Sun Al Hirshberg Houston TX Porsche GT3 2004

1 HPDE3: Sat Sun Kevin Hirshberg Houston TX Porsche GT3 2004

06 HPDE3: Sun Joe White Austin TX Mazda Miata 1990

11 HPDE3: Sat Sun Pranav Patel Houston TX CHEVROLET CAMARO 1993

13 HPDE3: Sat Sun Tyler Gardner Arlington TX Mazda Miata 1992

15 HPDE3: Sat Sun Xavier Anderson Brownsville TX Porsche Gt3 2007

18 HPDE3: Sat Sun Will Wheeler Austin TX BMW E46 M3 2003

25 HPDE3: Sat Sun Kevin Jander Porter TX Ford Mustang GT 1996

36 HPDE3: Sat Sun Mike Snavely Austin TX Ford Mustang 2001

65 HPDE3: Sat Sun Craig McCormick Waller TX Ford Mustang 1986

95 HPDE3: Sat Sun mike pate houston TX honda Civic HB 1998

99 HPDE3: Sun Drew Dutton Austin TX Mazda MX-5 Miata 1999

99 HPDE3: Sat Sun FIROUZ HAGHIGHI PALESTINE TX thunder thunder roadster 2008 palestine hydraulic repair and service

102 HPDE3: Sat Sun Jason Covington Parker TX BMW E46 M3 2005 Hawk Performance

202 HPDE3: Sat Sun Dayle Pugh Houston TX Mazda Miata 1996

271 HPDE3: Sat Sun Chad Hayes Fort Worth TX Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX RS 2006 Hayes Transmission and Racing

283 HPDE3: Sat Sun Michael Miller Bellaire TX Mazda Miata 1999

339 HPDE3: Sat Sun Hartley Clay Houston TX Mazda Spec Miata 1992




tbd HPDE4: Sat Sun James Strader Austin TX Ford Fox Body 1991

1 HPDE4: Sat Damen Hattori Houston TX Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2003 axiom1.com

07 HPDE4: Sat Sun John Martin Cypress TX Ford Mustang 1995

11 HPDE4 Dean Turnbaugh austin TX Wolf GB08 2012 Motorsports Southwest\ LLC

24 HPDE4 Ryan Utara pearland TX Flatline Lancer 2003 Flatline Motorsports

54 HPDE4 Sam Crumpacker College Station TX Ford Mustang Cobra 1994 ...accepting applications

77 HPDE4 Stan Wiley Austin TX Mazda MX5 2010

78 HPDE4 Matthew Breese Fort Worth TX Mazda Miata 1992

556 HPDE4: Sat Stephen Ellis Houston TX Mitsubishi Evolution MR 2006


Randy Andersen TTU 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Mod 5 TLM-Racing

Raymund Guerrero TTU 2008 Dodge Viper 11

Mike Weathers TT1 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 480 EAC, Hoosier

Jim Shepard TT1 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 167

Mark Dunn TT1 2009 Nissan GT-R 411

Eric Varner TT2 2006 Ford Mustang 17 Self

Josh Dunn TT2 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 888 Evolution Dynamics, My Shop Assist

Team MFW TT2 1999 Chevrolet Camaro 718 MFW Motorsports

Sean Farrah TT2 2003 Nissan 350Z 28 SPLparts

Michael Patterson TT3 1999 Chevrolet Camaro 8 Alamo Autosports / Motul / AST

Dan Sheehy TT3 2004 Ford Mustang GT 177

Eric Trigg TT3 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 171 Purple Drank

Stephen Ellis TT3 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR 556

John Roberts TT3 1994 Mazda Miata 69 Coche de Peluquero

Team Fair TT3 2011 Ford Mustang GT 93 Vorshlag Motorsports

Allan Page TTB 2006 BMW M3 1

Ken Orgeron TTB 2003 BMW M3 199 Hoosier, AST-USA, Vorshlag, SPEC Motorsports

Dysen Pham TTB 2007 Honda S2000 525

Adrian Garcia TTB 2012 ford mustang 77 3GTuning

Thomas Hoyle TTC 2005 Pontiac GTO 117

Heberto Ferrer TTD 2005 Mazda RX-8 145

Zachary Parker TTD 1997 BMW M3 32 Mayco Automotive Performance

Ken Brewer TTD 2010 Mazda RX-8 1 Shh don't tell Laura

Chris Kearns TTE 1990 Mazda Miata 537

Ken Brewer TTF 1994 Toyota MR2 6 Roadraceautox.com , Hoosier, 811 Call Before You Dig

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Boxsters / 986s are listed twice...?



I like them so much, they get to race twice!!!!



I think they will end up in Lightning, just need to see the balance and see what Kristi and crew want to do.

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I liked having them in our group at TWS -since there's a little bit speed differential everywhere it's actually easier for them to slip past us without us messing up their race or vice versa

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Looking forward to MSRH..... I have raced in both Blitz and Lightening and feel like I have some valid perspective on the differences in speed, style and racing competition. I will admit, we all had a blast at TWS in Lightening! I agree with Ken but will wait to see how many more Spec 986's sign up and have a discussion with them about best fit based on entry list. The SPB's are excited to be back!

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Congratulations to Kristi for her selection as regional series leader for Spec 986!!!! Not just because she was points leader for 2012, but she knows the class, the drivers and is a fantastic salesperson!!!

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Ken B, et al:


Per your instruction, I registered for HPDE3 and will look to get checked out for TTB that weekend. Transponder is on order, so I'll have my number by then. Also will have my points calculated by then. Do I send those to you ahead of time, or just bring the sheet to the event?


Thanks and look forward to meeting everyone!

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I'm in. Have there been any changes, additions/deletions to the Tech Shops in the Houston area?


Nope for Houston. Still a total of 3'ish.


We are shooting for a tech day in January, but if you can't make that one - I'd go ahead and schedule an annual with one of those three.

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I'm going to register shortly in PTF........ps...why no PTG class listing? Does it not actually exist? My car is technically a PTG car even with the points.

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I'm in. Have there been any changes, additions/deletions to the Tech Shops in the Houston area?


Saw this and it made me wonder, as I'm a newbie to TT. Is there a specific list of shops that must be used to signoff on the tech inspections?


If so, where can I find that list?




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I'm going to register shortly in PTF........ps...why no PTG class listing? Does it not actually exist? My car is technically a PTG car even with the points.

get some race tires and run with the "big" boys Seems like you've got some points to burn!



5.1.1 Base Classes and Modification Points

NASA PT consists of 5 competition classes, PTA, PTB, PTC, PTD, PTE, and PTF. In addition, there are two classes (G & H) that are listed for purposes of base classing only. There will be no competition in either of these classes.


What size wheels - maybe we can scrounge up some cast-offs for you

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You know I can't read


15x7" 4x100 min weight 13lbs. +35mm should fit fine (not sure about +30mm)....so typical SpecMiata wheel.

Edited by Guest
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