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NASA AZ @ Chuckwalla January 12-13, 2013

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Registration is now open --> https://www.nasaproracing.com/event/1541


Based on the current poll trend, we will likely run the CCW configuration. Place your vote so your voice can be heard!http://forums.nasaaz.com/showthread.php?t=5498


* HPDE1-4

* Time Attack on Sunday

* Time Trial points events both days (split group with 30+ pre-reg entrants)

* Race group points events both days (split group with 30+ pre-reg entrants)

* Infamous Sat night NASA AZ BBQ!

* Friday test & tune hosted directly by Chuckwalla http://goracecvr.com/


NOTE: Chuckwalla now has some really nice bathrooms with private showers making camping onsite a breeze! These facilities along with onsite pay at the pump fuel station makes staying at the track all weekend long a no brainer which further reduces the cost and need for a hotel and traveling back and forth.



Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

2.68 mile CCW Configuration


25300 Rice Road

Desert Center, CA 92239


Gate & Camping fees

* $10/person for 1st day, $5/person for each additional day

* There is no "camping fee" for individuals sleeping in tents or cars, etc. The camping fee applies for each "rig" or "rv" or "travel trailer" or anything with obvious sleeping/camping accommodations. The fee is $15 for the 1st night and $5 for each additional day. This fee is on top of the "gate fee" per person.

* RV dump station available

* Non-potable water available

* Permanent restrooms & nice private showers with hot water available to all


PRE-Event and Paddock Setup

Thursday: Contact the track directly if you want to paddock on Thursday night.

Friday: Contact the track directly for gate times

Sat & Sun: Gates open 6AM - 9PM


Power / Electricity

There is land NO POWER at the track. Everything is ran off of generator. Unless you rented the generator, do NOT plug into any of the track generators.


HPDE Tech Inspection

* All HPDE cars require a tech inspection prior to being allowed on track

* HPDE drivers please print out and fill out this form prior to arriving @ Tech http://www.nasaproracing.com/images/rules-forms/form_hpde_tech.pdf


Time Trial Annual Tech

* All TT cars require annuals going forward. No more HPDE tech for TT cars as we need to keep the line clear for HPDE tech!

* Please print and fill out this form prior to arriving onsite --> http://www.nasaproracing.com/forms/annual_race_tech.pdf (bring you log book too! If you do not have one yet, one will be assigned to you)


Race Car Annual Tech

* For your convenience, a 2013 annual tech will be available at the track: $25 pre-reg / $40 onsite

* Free annual tech will remain in place if scheduled at an approved shop offsite

* Details of annual tech here --> http://www.nasaaz.com/tech/tech-inspection/ (scroll down near the bottom for race tech specifics)


Registration, Driver Info & Drivers Meetings

* Will be located under the big white tent


Transponder Rentals

* Need to be checked out at registration

* Need to be returned to registration within 30 mins of your final session to avoid a $25 late fee

NOTE: HPDE sessions are not timed! Do NOT rent a transponder if you are in HPDE.


Timing and Scoring

* Results will be posted under the big white tent

* Please make corrections with your respective Group Leader


Tire Service

NASA Arizona is now becoming a one stop shop and can now offer mounting & balancing services right at the track! $20/tire for mount & balance



The track sells multiple grades of fuel on-site and within walking distance of the main paddock. They will either have pay at the pump and/or an attendant to assist your purchase.


Fuel prices @ our Dec event:

* Diesel - $5.00

* 91 - $5.65

* 100 - $9.75

* 110 - $9.75


Concessions / Food

* The track has an on-site food vendor available for breakfast and lunch (dinner by individual request only)

* NASA AZ will be providing Instructors, Officials & track safety staff lunch on Sat & Sun. General participants will need to plan accordingly.

* Sat night BBQ provided to all NASA drivers. Guest & crew donations required for participation.


Photography by CaliPhotography *exclusively*

NOTE: The track has an exclusive agreement with CaliPhotography to take photographs and be the only vendor allowed to sell photos at the track and after the event. No outside photographers will be allowed on-site. The exception will be photos taken for personal use only and not be listed for sale or general free distribution.








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