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NASA-SE TT in 2013


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The first event in a very full 2013 TT calender is only a few weeks away so here are some rules and guidance.


* There will be 5 drops in 2013 from the season total.

* Renew your TT and/or Comp license for 2013

* Ensure your car matches your submitted sheet. If the car does not match the sheet it is an automatice DQ.

* Ensure I have 2013 TT form on file and a dyno sheet (as needed/required)




If you TT you MUST attend the mandatory TT meetings. If you miss them and do not hunt me down to explain why you will be DQ'd.


TT is about the fastest lap and cooperation. In case anyone wonder these are the rules for conduct and passing in TT in NASA-SE.


On-Course Conduct


NASA TT competition will take place during advanced level, open-passing combined NASA HPDE/TT sessions or in a separate NASA TT run group at the discretion of the Event Director.


All regulations applicable to NASA HPDE as set out in the NASA CCR will apply to NASA TT competitors. All NASA TT competitors are expected to drive in a safe and controlled manner in compliance with the NASA CCR’s, namely Sections 6 and 7. Any NASA TT competitor that places four wheels off course or spins in a session (without an undisputed mechanical failure or track debris without a debris flag waving as the obvious cause of the incident) will lose any

timed result for that session. NASA TT drivers are held to a high standard in regard to track etiquette, driver cooperation, and sportsmanship (my edit - this is where BLOCKING comes in). Any driver found by NASA TT administration to be “blocking” another car in order to slow the following driver’s lap time will be subject to harsh penalties, which may include expulsion from further TT competition. Drivers are cautioned not to deliberately draft with another vehicle, except prior to making a pass.


Prolonged drafting or “team” drafting may result in penalties for both drivers. In-car video is encouraged by NASA for a variety of reasons, and would be helpful to determine if a car is purposefully blocking or drafting. Any driver displaying unsportsmanlike conduct either on or off the track, driving in an over-aggressive manner, or failing to cooperate with other drivers on the track will be subject to harsh penalties, which may include expulsion from further TT competition.


Make it to grid on time or be held until the last car who did make it to grid goes by. Stay tight on first lap under yellow to keep passing to a minimum. Do not pass, on first lap, until at least the start finish line and be smart about it then.



TT passing rules from CCR


6.3 Passing Rules


1. No passing in “No Passing Areas” as defined by the Passing Rules (available at the meeting or Registration). [Ref: (25.4.1)]


2. No passing under any yellow flag situation until the driver is past the incident, or past the next manned flag station that does not display a yellow flag [Ref: (7.2 - 7.4)].


3. If an Instructor waves a car by, that does not count as a pass. (Instructors will have an “X” on their cars.) Drivers may not pass under yellow, even if they perceive a “wave by” from their instructor.


4. If a car is having mechanical trouble and is pulling off the track, a pass is allowed regardless of the passing rules.


5. A driver may not pass another driver in a no passing zone or situation, even if the other driver waves him/her by.


6. The driver attempting to make a pass is solely responsible for safe outcome of that pass. Drivers making a pass should be certain that the driver ahead of them can see them before attempting to pass. All drivers are reminded that this is not a competition and risky passes are prohibited.

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The first event in a very full 2013 TT calender is only a few weeks away so here are some rules


We are in a power to weight class now, I thought there are no rules

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BTW have any changes to contingency been posted? I have searched to no avail.



Hell, you already win all tires now. LOL


FYI, I signed up for the March event. Doing the Comp School and ST2. May also do some TT2 also.




That's why I want to know about the contingency


You will be able to win a lot of them as well as soon as you stop taking your TTS/TT2 car and running it in TTR vs Leh Keen in 800 hp GT-R and Reese Cox in C6 Prototype.

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Several classes have been decided for 2013 but many more will be depending on the double point day in December at Road Atlanta!


Remember the 5 drops (no shows or lowest points) will play into season podiums!

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