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Nasa Event Day Schedule/Newbie ?


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Hi all,


Do they run HPDE, Time Trial and Road Racing all on the same day?


If so what is usually the schedule, and how much time is allowed for HPDE class?






Mustang GT 2011

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Depends on the region, the track, the event, and the available daylight. Best thing to do is ask your nearest regional director and/or check the web page about the event(s) in question.


In "my region" we do run everything on the same day and each HPDE level usually gets 80-90min on track per day. For example http://www.drivenasafl.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/jan13hms_sched_v2.pdf


Other regions may certainly run longer days and/or combine groups and/or alternate weekends for various levels and/or whatever they need to best serve the participating membership.


Hope it helps,



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Yep, see the Florida schedule linked above for an example of that, our race practice and qualifying can be combined then racers are split into two groups for one race each per day OR given two combined races a day, all dependent upon who signs up. HPDE and TT time stays the same regardless.

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