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Ebay : http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Audi-S4-Base-Sedan-4-Door-Audi-S4-Racecar-Timed-Trial-Autocross-Solo-SCCA-NASA-/261155240675?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item3cce10bae3


Ebay Item number: 261155240675


2000 Audi S4 Sedan

SCCA Autocross Street Modified

NASA Timed Trial TTA


The Y's


It really hurts to sell this awesome S4, but it has to go (thanks to a new business that I'm starting). I've owned this car since factory new and have had tons of fun with it... now it's your turn.

I've spent WAY too many hours and WAY too much money on this S4 through the years, I will not specify how much - in writing - since my wife may read this ad and proceed to have a "conversation" with me You can buy this car and all of the extras mentioned here for $15,000 which to me sounds like a pretty sweet deal... I only ask the future owner to give me first option to buy it back if you ever decide to resell.



The Handling (Chassis)


101566 miles factory non-sunroof car (extremely rare)

RS4 Lightweight all aluminum front spindles

Ohlins double adjustable (Compression and Rebound) with digressive dampening with remote reservoir Front Coilovers And Ohlins Single adjustable (Rebound) with digressive dampening Rear Coilovers.

All moving suspension parts all control arms and wishbones have metal spherical bearings or metal rod ends Zero Deflection, Zero Slop and Zero Bind.

Adjustable camber/caster front and rear

Big Adjustable sway bars

Stasis Motorsports Engine Mounts

034 Motorsports transmission mounts

Custom Rear differential mounts with Delrin Bushings

AWE Aluminum Drive-train stabilizer

Carbon fiber front fenders and hood

6 pound ultralight weight battery with kill switch

Stop tech 13" and 14" front rotors and brackets, you get one installed in the car and take the other with you, also get assorted street, autocross and track only brake pads

Rear 12" Stasis brake conversion

Stainless Steel braided brake lines in all corners

Autocross wheels 18x11.5 Fronts with 315/30-18 A6 Hoosiers and 17x10 Rears with 275/40-17 A6 Hoosiers, this tire setup has the same overall diameter, keeps the car narrow in the back so not to hit cones in the transitions and makes the car rotate on a dime

Timed trial wheels 17x11 Fronts with 295/35-17 R6 Hoosiers and 17x10 Rears with 295/35-17 R6 Hoosiers, this setup makes the rear of the car more stable for the higher speeds in the road courses and sincerely I would run more tire but I had the points maximized on NASA TTA class, any wider or any softer compound would have bumped me to the next class.

A spare set of 18 x 10 wheels



The Motivation (Engine and beyond)


2.7 liter 30 Valve (yes 5valves per cylinder) Bi-turbo V6 with continuously variable valve timing

Only Full synthetic oils all the time everywhere, checked and changed very often,

Big thermostatically controlled Oil Cooler

Big thermostatically controlled electric fan with manual override

Audi RS4 Intercoolers

Ported and polished 2002 Audi S4 (better flowing) intake manifold

Ported and polished exhaust manifolds

Two (2) 3” cat-less downpipes merging to a 4” single exhaust, provide very quick turbo spool up and 460+ AWTQ

Quaife automatic torque biasing front differential

Modified Porsche 944 Turbo rear clutch type differential

Rebuilt original 6 speed transmission with new synchros and bearings with Close ratio 3rd, 4th. and 5th gears. REM finished and Cryogenicaly hardened gears, High Bias 4:1 Torsen Center differential capable of transferring up to 80% of the available power to the rear wheels

Lightweight aluminum flywheel with replaceable steel friction ring

Stage 3 clutch, no slip; it spins all 4 tires on launch. Sub 4 second 0-60mph

Custom Cold Air Intake

RS4 KKK K-04 turbos

AWE tuning Fueling kit: Injectors, mass air flow, accordion hose replacement with custom anti-collapse ring. 4 switchable programs Valet, Kill, 93 octane and 100 octane, with custom tune from The Torque Factory 390+ AWDHP and 460+ AWDTQ

Flat shift electronics

Programmable Launch Control

Adjustable mutli-stage shift-light


The Extras (icing on the cake)

This Audi is a South Florida car so no rust problems.


3.0 Crankshaft comes with the car, so you can stroke the engine and increase the displacement from 2.7 liters to 3.0

Custom rear chromoly rear axles, included in the sale but not installed

034 Motorsports Aluminum front and rear sub-frame mounts included on the sale but not installed

Bosch 044 Fuel pump Included on the sale but not installed (For E85 conversion)

A non flashed/non modded 2000 Audi S4 ECU included on the sale but not installed (For E85 conversion)

Original Front and Rear Seats included in the sale Black Leather and Blue Alcantara

BOSE Radio CD, NAV, and speakers removed but included with the car

A/C Removed but included with the car



The Talk (All facts that can be confirmed)


On autocrossing the car has achieved one SCCA National trophy, Several SCCA Florida State Championships, ERSCC year championships, Gulfcoast autocrossers year championships, Many FTDS.


On Timed trials the car obtained numerous First places and maintained NASA TTA Track records in Sebring international raceway and Homestead-Miami Speedway the three years it was campaigned (2008-2009-2010), in 2000 the car obtained a 5 (fifth) place finish in One Lap Of America while it was BONE STOCK!



The car was featured on Autoblog's RR



The car won the Autoblog's RR of the week



Some Videos:


Taking a Student out for laps on Drivers education



Autocrossing at Bay Bottom Crawl

Fastest car with doors in Bay Bottom Crawl, to go faster you need a formula car (this car has done the loop road in 2:21 Clean and 2:19 dirty (plus one pylon) (Faster than an C6 Z06 Corvette 2.23)


The Current Pictures: (this is what you are buying)




The Older Pictures, (archive pictures)






If you have any questions please contact me: [email protected]

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