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Driver's Cooling System and Helmet Blower System


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Race car has been sold, and these two items were taken off before the sale.


Homemade Driver's Cooling System - SOLD

I decide to build my own cooling system, and even stitched together my own cool shirt, after seeing that the current products on the market simply use the cheapest bilge pump available and a readily available drybox cooler and charge a ridiculous amount of money. I purchased the exact same drybox cooler (Engel 13 QT Cooler), a higher quality bilge pump (Johnson Controls 500 GPH salt water pump) and sourced the hardware from Home Depot and the quick disconnect fittings from McMaster-Carr. I also wired the pump with a trailer-type quick disconnect so I could quickly and easily remove the cooler to install a passenger seat. The cooler has ZERO leaks; I have used it a handful of times in the middle of the summer and it works great. I also have a steel base plate (~25lbs) for a NA Miata that mounts to the passenger seat OEM mounting holes so you don't need to drill or cut to mount the cooler, and will include that for an extra $25.


Homemade Air Blower System - SOLD

This system uses a 3" clear NACA duct, about 5 feet of black brake ducting hose, a 170 cfm brake blower (3" dia.) with a helmet air hose that includes a reducer for the smaller Bell helmet inlets. Blower just needs to be wired up to a switch and provides great cooling and circulation.



















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