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2013 WERC Schedule and Rules Update

Karen Salvaggio

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2013 Enduro Rules

There are no enduro rule changes this year


Note: New NASA ST3 will be classed in EO for enduros



Feb 10 - Infineon/Sonoma 2hr (morning)

April 6 - Buttonwillow 3hr (day/night)

June 1 - Buttonwillow 3hr (day/night)

Nov 10 - Infineon/Sonoma 2hr (morning)

Dec 7 & 8 - 25hrs of Thunderhill (all 25hrs)


** Please note that all WERC events will award season points, including the 25 Hour. All race classes will be able to drop one lowest score (including "0's"), which allows a competitor to skip a race without penalty.


Important Note ******* The WERC has a Facebook page hosted by Weekend-Racer.com (John Mueller). Many enduro racers have joined the page, and a number of discussions regarding the WERC schedule and classing have already taken place on that page. All WERC competitors are encouraged to "like" the NASA WERC Facebook page, and join the discussion.


See you at the track!



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