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275/35/18 Hoosier A6. ONLY 1 HEAT CYCLE!!!


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I have 1 Hoosier A6 in 275/35/18 for sale. This thing is basically brand new with 1 heat cycle!


I generally run 295 or 315 R's up front, but I had one separate on me at the track in Nov. There were still 2 more sessions left and I still had a person who had being waiting patiently for me to take them out, so I began looking everywhere for a tire I could buy or "borrow". The only thing I could find was this 275 A, but it would work to get me through the session, so I bought it from the guy and ran to Walmart to have it mounted on my wheel. It was a brand new "sticker" tire, and by the time I got it mounted, there was only 1 session left. It's got 25 minutes of HPDE on it and that's it!

When you get new tires, the best way to set them up for long life is to run them up for 1 cycle and then let them sit for at least 48 hours. That's exactly how this tire has been handled.

I don't have need for it, as it was just an emergency "1 more session" purchase, and isn't what I normally run (size or compound).

They are $341 ea at Tire-Rack, and this tire is perfect. I ran 1 session on it, and want to get $200 for it (plus whatever actual shipping is). If nobody is interested, I'll just dismount it and keep as another "emergency" spare.


I've tried so many different ways to post pics on here, but have yet to get it to work properly, so if you want pics, just email me at [email protected] and I will get them right over to you.

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Shoot me an offer on it if you're interested. I can ship it whenever, or I'll have it dismounted and at the track with me this upcoming season.

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