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Spec Z Wheels of choice?


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Just bought a car and need wheels. Which wheels are yall having good luck with? I have a 2006 and am putting Brembo brakes on it. Recommendations for solid and reasonably priced wheels?



Michael Anderson

Raleigh, NC / Mid Atlantic

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You have to run the Spec Tire in all 4 positions....


16.2 Tires

a) The 275/35R18 BFGoodrich g-Force™ R1™ tire is the specified tire for the series. Optionally, the

275/35R18 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A™ KDW may be used for wet weather competition.


And yes, the spacers are primaily to make the RFP1 clear the Brembo calipers. Other wheels may not need 20MM spacers to clear the calipers...like OEM for instance.

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Consider the RP-03 Enkei, slightly more weight but does not require spacer and is a very strong wheel.



We have the best price on the RP03 also.....



Not too mention will have 20mm spacers available very soon.



Two other very good choices are the TSW NurburgringRF or InterlagosRF......

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+1 for the TSW Interlagos. Fairly inexpensive and fit great on the Z. I use the 18x9 all the way around with 10mm hubcentric spacers from Z1 Motorsports.

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Interesting Info from my Wheel Supplier:


"I had a long conversation with Enkei sales manager Friday. He said that if Spec Z guys use RP03, then there is no need for spacers and RP03 wheels are stronger than RPF1. 18x9+18, 18x10+10. Although the RPF1s are lighter, but since 20mm spacers are needed, pretty much about the same weight. Currently in stock."

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