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FS:Mitsubishi Evo IX RS. 54k miles, Original owner (CA)


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2006 Wicked White Evolution IX RS

Mileage: 53,460

Asking $17,500 or best offer.

I'm located in San Jose, CA, and I'm willing to ship at the owner expense.

If you're a serious buyer PM me your offers. I have the carfax report which I can forward to anyone interested. Would rather not post it here as it contains my personal email address. The title is clean and there have been no major accidents except for the one mentioned below.


UPDATE 2013/01/22:

The roll cage has been removed. The interior has been returned back to stock. The only evidence of a roll cage being installed is an indentation in the head liner from the rear roll hoop (see pic below). The sale of the car will not include the roll cage and the Wedsport wheels, just the stock IX wheels. I told some folks that I'm holding off on accepting offers until I had finished up the interior, so I'm ready to consider them again.


Engine Modifications:

  • Buschur Racing 3″ downpipe
  • MIL.SPEC 100 Cell High Flow Catalytic converter
  • Magnaflow 3″ catback exhaust
  • K&N Drop-in air filter
  • Walbro 400 LPH fuel pump (for future mods).
  • Fuel injector clinic injectors
  • Tuned by FFTec for 91 octane and 100 octane.
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • Setrab oil cooler


Suspension Modifications:

  • Vishnu Tuning custom valved Ohlins dampers
  • Eibach Springs: 550lb/in front and 700lb/in rear
  • Front camber plates
  • RMR K-brace
  • Energy Suspension polyurethane suspension bushings


Braking Modifications

  • RotorPros blank rotors (front)
  • RotorPros slotted rotors (rear)
  • Carbotech XP-12 pads (front)
  • Carbotech XP-10 pads (rear)


Wheels & Tires

  • 245/40/17 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec on 17×9″ Weds Sport SA-70 wheels


Additional parts included:

  • Whiteline 26mm front swaybar
  • Stock rear swaybar
  • Stock driver's seat
  • Stock rear seats
  • Miscellaneous interior parts (sun visors, rear seat belts, rear deck & speaker covers)














Updated pics:

The only sign from a roll cage being installed is the indentation on the head liner.









All the details:

I bought the car back in 2006. I used to commute to work by train so it was never a commuter car, but was my daily driver for driving around town and road trips. The day it crossed 1000 miles I autocrossed it. In 2007 and 2008 I won the NNJR region SCCA A-stock championship in this car. During those years I also did a few track days each year and the occasional snow rallyx event.


My most favorite event to date: Snow day at Monticello Motor Club


In 2009 I stopped doing autox and just focused on track days. With the exception of tires and brake pads, the car was entire stock. That year at the Shenandoah track in Summit Point I popped out of the carousel on a wet day and hit the tirewall.


Accident pics


As you can see the front lip, the passenger side front fender, passenger side doors, and the passenger rear qtr panel took the hit. There was no frame damage, and in fact even the alignment was fine. I went back on the track the same day once I had checked the car over. The doors were replaced with RS doors, and the fender was replaced with a regular fender (common to all Evos). The rear qtr panel was all tapped out, but as expected some bondo was used to smooth it out.


After that incident I invested in some safety equipment. I had RKT Motorsports install an Autopower 6pt rollcage. During the installation they sandwiched larger plates between the bar ends and the mounting points to better distribute the load in case of a rollover. At the same time I installed a Cobra Suzuka seat, G-Force harnesses, and a set of Vishnu Ohlins. For better breathing I installed a full exhaust with a racing cat (see details above), and upgraded to a Setrab oil cooler to keep the engine happier.


In 2010 I moved out to Nothern California, and bought a beater car for daily driving. Despite my great plans I didn't have much time to do track days so the car sat garaged except for the occasional weekend canyon drive.


In 2012 I managed to get back into track days and was able to enjoy the car once again. On really hot Cali track days I found the car to be boosting only around 1bar, so I had the guys at FFTech tune the car after installing their boost solenoid, and upgrading the injectors and the fuel pump. On 91 octane the car made 300whp/320 lbft of torque, and on 100 octane it made 350whp/375lbft of torque. The 91 octane tune was more than enough for me, see my youtube link below for some videos.


Mid-way in 2012 I ran into a problem where the car started to splutter just as the boost started to build. During the diagnosis the guys at Speed Element performed many tests including a compression test, and a boost test; both of which came out perfect (I'll try to upload a copy of the compression test results if I can find it). The problem turned out to be a ripped rubber grommet that sits between the fuel pump and the pump housing.


Some usage info:

  • The car has never been drop-clutch launched on asphalt, but has been done on snow. During autocross I used to always slip the clutch.
  • The original clutch was replaced in 2009 as I had thought about selling the car at the time. It's currently on the replacement OEM clutch.
  • Oil is changed after every two track days or every track day weekend.
  • When not being tracked, oil is changed regularly every 3000 miles.
  • The transmission, transfer case, and rear differential fluids were swapped less than 1000 miles ago by Speed Element.


I've decided to make a career change and relocate overseas. I looked into either storing the car or taking it with me, but either option didn't make financial sense. So despite my best efforts I finally have to let her go. The car is most suited for someone looking for a track car. That being said, if you unbolt the rollcage and re-install the rear seats and sun visors you have yourself a perfectly suitable street car.


The car is sold as-is, which is why I've been very honest about its history. If you're a serious buyer and looking for a test drive, please bring with you the full price listed above in cash. I'm not comfortable with strangers driving my car, so I'll let you sit in the passenger seat, and I'll drive it like I stole it (although no launches or hand brake turns). If you like what you see, then I'll swap keys for the cash, and you can drive the car. There's a difference between driving hard and abusing a car. So if you abuse it or break something, then I keep the cash and you keep the car. Otherwise we part ways without any hard feelings.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Youtube page - Please ignore the non-racing videos


Gallery links:

- Flickr gallery

- Snow day at Monticello Motor Club

- Last time I thought of selling it

- First snow rallyx

- First trip to VIR. On the way home a deer took off my passenger side mirror.

- Random Autox pics

- First track day

- First autox

- First day owning the car

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