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SoCal HC guys/ BW april 6,7


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Had a fun time hanging out with you guys this weekend for a quick minute and motivates me to make the Buttonwillow April 6,7 event... unfortunately I just noticed that event is no longer a AZ/SoCal crossover so I'm sure whoever is in the points race will be staying in town. Anyway I'm going to attempt to make it and hope there will be a big field so Ill have a chance to play in the slow part of the group.

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Hello my friend, thanks for your help at the track , always nice to have somebody willing to lend a hand. Also nice to finally meet you . Now you have a little taste of SoCal "cuisine" .

I don't know who or what is going on at bw in April but I can tell you that if you guys can come to the speedway in march I think is going to be good.

So far this is a a list of suspects. There is a rumor that even Jeremy might be there .

Sam R.

Greg N.

Stephan P.





Ryan ?




Edo (running moto iq ) he wants to break 1.49

Joe L.


So common down . Besides bw is to far for you



******* this just in *****. Rumor not confirmed that Tom Paule might be making a come back . We have to wait and see if the crx is going to be rocking a k .

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