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Need fox/sn95 suspension parts


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I bought this stuff new from Maximum Motorsports with intention of tracking my '92 Coupe. That didn't happen and the car has been in the corner of the garage for years. This stuff is unused. The car is still on jackstands. Let me know what you need. - Jim


$350 --> MMFCA-2 MM Front Control Arms, 1979-93, Stock Geometry, Delrin Bushing (These are mocked up on the chassis but have never seen the weight of the car)


$275 --> COP-1 MM Front Coil-Over Kit for Bilstein Strut (mocked up on chassis)


$125 --> MMCC9093 MM Caster/Camber Plates, 1990-93 Mustang


$400 --> V36-4138-MM2 Bilstein Front Strut, MM2 Race Valving, 1987-04 (Price for Pair)... these also were sent back to MM to have their reinforcements done to mounting flange.


$175 --> MB-6418-S1 MM Bilstein Sport Shock (price for pair)


$85 --> HYP40008250 Hypercoil Coil Over Spring, 400 lb/in, 8", 2 1/2" dia.


$85 --> HYP45008250 Hypercoil Coil Over Spring, 450 lb/in, 8", 2 1/2" dia.


$75 --> MMSTB-1 MM Strut Tower Brace, 1979-93 EFI, powdercoated black


$35 --> MMBK1R Brake hose, 1987-95 5.0 Mustang Rear (85-MAX-001R) (3/8'-24 thread)


$35 --> MM Tubular Lower Chassis Brace, 1979-93, 2 point

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